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A Wonderful Time!

There was a change a sudden and discernible change in the atmosphere. The professional servers in their crisp white blouses and sharp ebony vests began to offer trays of appetizers. Folks that had only witnessed such scenes on the television found themselves catered to in this stylish way. A sense of delight and wonder fell on our gathering.

Last Friday we held our Fandango. It was a lavish dinner party for 100+ of our friends in the wider community. People were amazed to be treated so specially. It was a joy to inform them that the whole idea was to remind them that they are indeed special! The theme of the evening was “Jesus loves you and thinks you are special and he likes to ‘party’ with his friends. This simple message was delivered time and time again to individuals and loudly and clearly through our “Word from Our Sponsor” but even more distinctly through; the décor, the elegant cuisine, and the expert service.

While I was clear in my ‘fund raising that we were going to give out electric fans to our friends, many of whom live in airless rooms, I had managed to keep this a relative secret to our guests. At the end of the evening when these parting gifts were being distributed, many folks were overcome with gratitude. I hope we sufficiently redirected this gratitude toward God who as the Word made flesh often partied with his friends and was himself God’s great gift to the world.

Hours of preparation went into this event. Volunteers decorated and set up. Chef Russell put obvious skill and time into the execution of our South Western themed menu. Our friends at Home Hardware gave us a wonderful deal on the fans and over 100 folks supported the endeavour financially.  Our final accounting has not been completed but we already know that this was a tremendous success. We feel we (all of us) achieved our goal of prophetically declaring the good news that God loves us and has invited us to the greatest banquet we can imagine.

My back still aches and my hands hurt but my heart remains full. I got to be a part of sharing this wonderful news and I got to see the wonder in my friends’ eyes as they experienced it. I am grateful to God for the opportunity and grateful for all the wonderful partners along the way. Thank you for praying!


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