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Seeing God

I love seeing God at work. Sometimes like Elisha’s servant, I need my eyes opened to see, but I do see him at work among my friends.

A widow for several years. She retreated into isolation and became reclusive. Over time the isolation shifted into agoraphobia. She never ventured out at all. Fear trapped her inside her apartment. Conway Twitty seemed her only friend. A quiet gentle friend of ours began to draw her out. Soon they were having tea together and listening to old country songs. This gentle woman began to host our Sunday gatherings and invited her friend to join our little group. There seated in her familiar chair with her familiar mug of tea she took a chance on us. As time went on she began to take more and more part in our conversations. When we invited her to join us for our celebration of Canada Day we did not really expect her to come, but our gentle friend was not so easily deterred. She quietly persisted and our new friend did venture out. She met a whole new circle and really seemed to enjoy herself. We are so privileged to witness this slow and miraculous change. It is less visible than the healing of a “withered hand” but just as dramatic and astounding.

A woman joined us last Friday night and after I shared “A Word from Our Sponsor”, she asked if she could sing. She sang sweetly and powerfully about God’s faithfulness through the storms of life. Everyone there knew that she was intimately familiar with ‘storms’ and this lent a credibility and authority to her words. It was a beautifully Spirit filled moment.

Another young woman joined us for worship. She had just been discharged from the hospital. She admitted that she had been making some poor choices and was hoping that God would help her to make better ones.

As I write this I am really grateful for this past week and I am excited about the week ahead. Tonight is our “Fandango”. We are hosting a lavish dinner party for the community and as parting gifts we will give each person an electric fan. God is meeting all of our needs in doing this. We are blessed with the support of ‘The Chef’s Table’. Chef Russell and Betty Dobblesteyn will be providing a South Western flavoured 5 course dinner. Event planner Karen Cooney and family are decorating the tables and the venue. Home Hardware and our long-time supporter John Cudmore gave us a good deal on 100 fans. The folks at Threshold Ministry have been invaluable in advertising and accounting and Stone Church is providing an ideal venue for our party. Lots of people are helping with the set up and the ultimate tear down and restoration of the space. It is truly a team effort.

We pray that Jesus’ will be glorified throughout this event and people will be encouraged to know Jesus who loves his friends and likes to party with them.

If you would like to help with us financially we still have a slight short fall. More next week …….



One comment on “Seeing God

  1. Iv only been at this for about a year and a half. You are great. Thanks for just being there .

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