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I met with a friend this week and he poured out his frustration with his employers and how difficult they made it for him to do his job as he knew it needed to be done. I was properly sympathetic but inside there was a giddiness that I no longer shared those same frustrations.

I had just arrived back from a stress-free vacation (other than a couple of traffic related frustrations) but my inner elation was not entirely due to my relaxed state as it was to my new found freedom.

I am free to follow Jesus! Ironically this freedom finds expression in service to Him. This freedom is described in scripture as “the narrow way”. The world often portrays freedom as a boundary-less space in which I do what I want. The Bible describes that as bondage to self. Freedom from self comes only as we intentionally and actively serve Jesus.

I still am accountable to people. I am accountable to my Community and its Director. I am accountable to my supporters and my wife. But unlike my friend I no longer have the frustration of heeding those who do not share my sense of mission.

I often tell my Street Hope friends “Love God and love your neighbour … and then do whatever you want!” This is the freedom that we can enjoy in obedient relationship with our Lord God. The Book of Common Prayer puts it like this “Whose service is perfect freedom.”

I remember the ‘Freedom 55” commercials that set the ideal of freedom as a perpetual golf game. I cannot think of anything less attractive. I plan to enjoy my freedom by partnering with Jesus in extending his Kingdom of justice and peace. Of all the yokes to wear his sits easiest!

I start back to the Drop In tonight with a Breakfast on Saturday and our “Purposeful” worship time on Sunday. We will begin again ‘full out”.

The Fandango is coming together nicely. We are beginning stage two of our advertising aimed at inviting our guests. We have 100 fans ordered and waiting at Lochlomond Home Hardware. Karen Cooney is busy organizing decorations. The Chef’s Table is engaged to provide a wonderful full course meal. The worship team from Christ Church Penfield is ready to provide the festive music. Things are looking good! We still require some financial help but we are trusting that it will come.

This is fun! This is freedom! This is stress-free activity (a taste of Heaven).



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