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Greater Things

Refirement plans are developing nicely. We are beginning two new projects.

The first is Fandango. In years past we had hosted a lavish Christmas Breakfast where we distributed gifts to our guests. We tried to give gifts that would make a difference in people’s lives. One year we gave out 100 electric blankets to folks, many of whom lived in cold rooms. Christmas became a crowded time, with many ministries and organizations extending wonderful caring service, so we step back. Since then we have been praying and searching for our niche. Recently we were thinking about “Christmas in July”. The idea of giving electric fans to people living in airless rooms excited us. This led to a change in name. We decided to throw a Fandango! We decided to throw a gala party and invite the neighbourhood. Soon the good folks of “The Chef’s Table” offered to partner with us in serving an elegant ‘South West’ themed dinner. We hope to soon be able to announce the live music which we will enjoy. We plan to do all this for a total of $55/guest (5 course meal plus electric fan)! Monies have already begun to come in and we are expecting that God will provide for this ‘jubilee’ party.

Secondly, this week we will be meeting to settle the final details for “Shalom Saturday”. Our goal is to hold a Shalom Saturday every six weeks. During this all day event, in a ‘healing circle’ setting, through respectful dialogue and worship we will seek to help participants achieve new perspectives on life and move toward the “fullness of life” promised in scriptures. Our theme verse is “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

Shalom while often translated as meaning peace, actually means much more than that. It speaks of wholeness and of restoration! Moses found that taking Israel out of slavery in Egypt was actually only part of the task. The second and perhaps greater job was taking the slavery out of the people. They needed to learn how to live the full life their delivering God desired for them. In our dealings over the years with people who have struggled with addictions we have seen people attain sobriety without actually discovering a new life. Our great hope is that God will use Shalom Saturdays to help people find a new way of living.

I have a song stuck in my head “Greater things are yet to come, greater things have yet to be done, in this city.”


One comment on “Greater Things

  1. Amen Reed! I believe God is all about the greater things and makes the way for what mind has not yet imagined!

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