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I really need to get out more!

Hived off in my little world

Expecting everyone to think like me

In fact I let no one in until

They pass my litmus test.

Reading only what agrees with me

A diet for the mind so bland

Like pap for an ulcer on the soul.

Don’t upset my thoughts

My peptic mind rebels

Against thoughts not my own.

Bulimic-like I gorge on my version of things

I spew out these on social media

Others of like mind lap up the drivel.

Finally irrefutable I am confronted

My thoughts are not the only ones!

I need to get out more!

I really need to get out more!


In this age of the internet (Thankyou Al Gore) and wide variety of cable outlets we can access so many views of contemporary culture. The choices are so vast that we actually wind up narrowing our choices rather than widening them. Out of all the choices I chose the ones that reflect back to me my thoughts. Perhaps I watch Fox News or read Huffington Post, or stay safely on the cooking channel. We repost the things I agree with on Facebook without even checking their veracity. We follow those we agree with on Twitter. This vast world of information becomes ‘my own little world’, and it seems to be getting smaller (Walt Disney was right).

The same thing is too often true of the way we read scripture. We read the Bible with our own particular cataract. We search for that which we agree, as if we were the arbiters of truth.

I had a conversation not long ago with a friend who discovered a new author’s view of the meaning of the cross. “I really like its emphasis on love not wrath.” she said. I challenged her a bit by asking if her “liking” this view made it true.

I am not advocating a mind so open that it is perpetually vacant but rather a mind open to the possibility that I don’t know it all. I mind open to the possibility I might be wrong. A mind open and curious to discover the truths that lie beyond my limited view of things. Truths that may be held by those with whom I vehemently disagree.

 I really need to get out more!


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