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“How did I wind up here?” This is a question that pops into my mind occasionally. It leaped to mind again this week. It was a Charles Dickens kind of week “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.”

The week started with the opportunity to be the Bible Teacher at Cornerstone Baptist Church’s Mission Conference. I really enjoyed this. I do not get the chance to preach often lately. During my last year in Manitoba I preached over 300 times in a year but life on the streets of Saint John does not offer the same openings. In the morning I got to share about the doctrine of the Incarnation, the enfleshing of the Word! This wonderful truth is both a motivator and an example of mission activity.  In the evening I unpacked 1 Peter 3:15 and shared the practise of leading intentional and missional lives. It was a great time. When I preach I feel the ‘winds of God’ and it is a delight!

The week also started with the surgeon’s knife hanging , like the sword of Damocles, over my daughter-in-law. She had had her leg amputated below the knee but infection had set in. If it did not clear more radical surgery would be needed. This second operation was necessary and she lost more of her leg. It seems that she is beginning to heal alright but it has been a terribly rough road.

We experienced a rough road of our own this week. The notorious roads of Saint John struck our car. A hole was ripped in our oil pan and the car soon sputtered to a halt. Replacing the engine with a used one was the best prescription we received. We sadly said good bye to our little Street Hope Mobile and purchased a used and much higher sitting Jeep Compass. From now on despite rough roads we will be ‘riding high’.

The car salesman asked me about financing. I said that I could get financing easily. I went on “Credit is not my problem, cash is.”   Banks seem to love me. I am inundated with offers to borrow more money. I have resisted taking them up on these wonderful offers because I know that they will want it back plus interest.

How does one survive a time of disappointment and pain like this? Like my monetary situation I do not have the reserves to meet these challenges but as I trust in Christ these resources are credited to me and the true wonder is that this extension of credit comes without cost to me. Jesus has paid for it all. The words “It is finished” shouted from the cross are words right out of the world of commerce. Today we would say “Paid in full!”

Life does not go as I would have it. I find myself pleasantly surprised sometimes and knocked for a loop other times. I lack the resources to meet life’s challenges let alone thrive but by faith I find, in Him what I so desperately lack. I am a mess and He is the Messiah.


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