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An Evening of Wistfulness


Linda and I attended a Celtic music concert this week. It was a very nostalgic event, not because of the music, though it was wonderful, but because of the setting. It was the Sanctuary Theatre which was formerly Germain Street Baptist Church. During my last years at Taylor College this church became our laboratory. It was there students did practical placements. It was there that we shared our chapel services with whatever neighbours wanted to drop by. Right after chapel students, staff and guests would sit down to lunch together.

I remember Roger who used to join us. He was a very picky eater but loved Boston Cream Donuts. George Eves would bring Roger’s favourite for him and Roger knew that someone thought he was special!

I remember Chris who used to come to chapel and lunch. He began to really admire the faith of some of our students. It was after a Christmas Party that he asked two of our students how he could have what they had. They spoke with him and prayed with him and he became an excited follower of Jesus. Later he was to move into our residence space with three other friends we had made during our time at this sanctuary. They lived with us for several years!

I remember when Linda would volunteer with The Pregnancy Resource Centre as it had one of its early homes here. It was here they hosted their first “Home With a Heart” equipping young mothers for the challenges of parenthood.

It was here in the south end of Saint John that students learned compassion. It was here that I met many of the folks who remain a part of my life to this day.

I remember the last time I was in that sanctuary. We were having a Memorial Service for Carolyn. Carolyn had lost a valiant battle with cancer. During the battle she had managed to graduate from our College and conquer the hearts of those she encountered. We had the memorial at Germain St. because so many of our friends had grown to love Carolyn and were drawn to Jesus by her life. Together we celebrated her life as person after person spoke of how she had touched their lives. I was privileged to bring the message that day and tell of the Saviour Carolyn had lived for.

I enjoyed the; harp, whistle, accordion, fiddle, and step dancing, but my strongest impression was nostalgia and gratitude. The flood of memories made for a special evening indeed!


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