Renovation of the Heart


It all started this spring when I discovered that squirrels had chewed a hole in the roof of our shed. I asked my friend Kris if he could fix it for me. I had no idea where this simple request would lead. It soon became clear that the whole roof needed fixing not just the obvious hole and while we were at it we may as well move the door to the side rather than the front wall. It would be much more efficient and I wouldn’t hit my head every time I went in and out. We may as well put in a window so I could see better. We obviously must ‘clean out’ the space taking a couple of truckloads of stuff away. Then there was landscaping to be done and grass seed to be sown and regularly watered. The newly renovated shed obviously needed a fresh coat of paint. All this made my deck look as shabby as it actually was. (It didn’t look that bad before in comparison to the shed.) So demolition began and plans made to not only improve the look but to make it safe for our grandson. A whole new round of sawing, and pounding and painting began. The work is almost done. The labour and most of the materials have not cost me a cent!

In the course of the demolition of part of the deck structure I did re-injure my back though! I made an appointment to get it fixed. I have been successfully treated for this in the past. The appointment was over a week away so I asked to be put on a “cancellation” list. It does not appear that people who are experiencing this kind of pain, cancel appointments, so I am waiting. In the meantime I have been unable to help with the renovations. They probably went faster as a result. I was incapable (even more incapable than usual) of accomplishing my own renovation.

I am glad that I realize my own inability to fix the problem. I probably would have put a patch on a rotting roof and felt I had succeeded. Greater problems would certainly loom to surprise me in the future.

All this reminds me of Dallas Willard’s a great book “Renovation of the Heart”. Left to my own efforts I would add a haphazard patch to a rotting structure. I am really incapable of any better! God wants permission to renovate my life, to transform it into the image of Jesus. Like my decision to trust my pal Kris, I can never know the extent of this renovation but when I trust God I know it will be good, for He is good!

Monday I will get my interior renovation. My maladjusted sacrum will be disciplined. I am looking forward to this. I trust my chiropractor. He has done great things in the past and I believe he can help me be pain free! I want a deeper ‘interior’ renovation which requires the same kind of trust and the same knowledge that “I can’t do this myself”. I may start off thinking I have an idea of what this renovation of my heart might entail but once these things start only God knows where it will end. That is alright with me!

I am looking forward to being well for Tuesday which is our anniversary. Between Linda and me, we have been married 70 years! We are making a short holiday visit to St. Andrews where we honeymooned all those (35) years ago.



2 comments on “Renovation of the Heart

  1. Good luck..prayers and blessings..Congrats!!–that’s a long time😊😊😊

  2. Congratulations both on 35!

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