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View From Mountain Top



My ‘sea level’ lungs screamed as I clamoured up Whistlers Mountain. I remember thinking between rasping pants “this had better be worth it!” It was! The view was spectacular. While I have had a number of spiritual “mountain top experiences”, here in my 63rd year I had my first physical one.

Over a decade ago my ministry was much more about experiencing and leading others to experience the ‘mountain top’. As a leader in the charismatic movement this was a big part of my life. I spent my life teaching a right understanding (orthodoxy) of the person of the Holy Spirit and encouraging people to experience a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit. The mountain was where I sought to live!

I consciously set aside this emphasis and sought rather to concentrate on an orthopraxy or right practise. The ‘street level’ became my milieu and, for the most part, I eschewed the mountaintop.

My recent physical mountain has caused me to rethink this. The climb up reminded me of my frailty. The view from the heavenlies gave a perspective that can never be achieved at street level. From “lofty mountain grandeur’ we see how great is our God and we are reminded “What is man that Thou art mindful of him.”

I have long been convinced that humility is the key to kenotic Christ-like incarnational ministry. I am now persuaded that humility requires periodic trips to the ‘mountain top’. My hero Francis was a most practical servant and a fervent mystic! The ‘little way’ requires a reminder of the vastness of God and his love.

Back on the ‘street’ we experienced a hearty welcome back from our Street Hope Community. They had continued to meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for prayer and study. In fact they added Thursday to their schedule. A group took care of the weeding and watering of our Street Hope Community Garden. While we were missed much of our community’s life continued on! This demonstrates the strides we are making together.

We have been inundated with phone calls “Are you having Drop In Friday?” I am glad we can answer “Yes.”

We have taken on a new challenge. On July 18th our Street Hope Community will be cooking and serving at St. Luke’s Churches “Loaves and Fishes” luncheon. If this goes well we may make this a regular part of our life together.

We have been blessed to visit supporters and see sights and eat wonderfully on a holiday. The Lord is good! I live at ‘street level’ and I know God invites me to take my place and be seated with Christ in the heavenliest.

Please pray for our finances as we may experience a lock out at Canada Post. There is a “donate” button at the top of this page if you’d like to use an alternative to the mail.



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