Winding Down Winding Up

I am about to take a break. I feel the need of it. In preparation for this break we have been having some wrapping up to do. We had our final “Finding Your Way Back to God” session Wednesday. We held it on an afternoon and got a really interesting mix of people. It was amazing how quickly people felt ‘safe’ and began to share their hearts! The times of conversation led naturally into prayer. It was a beautiful time. People were especially keen on the idea of a zoe life, the abundant life that Jesus promises.

We also had our final session of our Recovery Workshop. In this workshop my pal Kris shares: the creation of the AA movement and how to find that same zoe life. The goal is not to become or stay sober but to find a power to live (zoe) by. We only use the Big Book in this workshop. I have come to see this as one of the most important ministries we offer. People are becoming open to the idea that a loving God can save us. Earlier in the year we offered an evening “Finding Your Way Back to God” and I invited several friends from past Recovery Workshops. They came with an openness to God and he showed up! One of my friends expressed at the closing of the Workshop just how meaningful Finding Your Way … had been in her life. I was very moved!

A fellow at the Half-way house was telling me that someone had offered to pick him up and take him out (this is a rarity for this particular guy) but he said he couldn’t because his best friend, meaning me, was scheduled to come in that night. I was taken back by being described as this fellow’s ‘best friend’ and more than a bit saddened that this was the case. At the same time I was humbled that my small efforts to love this not very likeable guy had been so appreciated. In days ahead (and he will likely be around for some time!) I hope to wean him off me and onto Jesus and his body the Church. It is difficult though because the church does not seem interested in guys like this.

I spent the afternoon yesterday with a local pastor making plans for what evangelistic ministry in the Up Town might look like in the fall and beyond. There will be a big influx of business people into our area as a new office building is built to consolidate Irving management offices. We discussed some innovative ways to reach out to this growing demographic. While much of my ministry is to the ‘down and out’ the Great Commission sends us to the ‘up and out’ ones as well.

I won’t be writing for a while as I take some holidays, but Street Hope will continue to meet for Prayer and Study and folks hope to gather weekly at the garden. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and the Street Hope Community in our absence.


3 comments on “Winding Down Winding Up

  1. Its always energizing to hear a good report from you! Blessings to you and Linda as you travel and re-energize for the work ahead.

  2. Enjoy your rest time Reed. Sounds like God is moving in the hearts of a lot of people!

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