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An Easter ‘Zoe’ Life

A ‘zoe’ life that is what we want. That is a life worth living!

Zoe life was the theme of our final “Finding Your way Back to God” dinner. To this point we had come to the place of calling out for help and realising that we are unconditionally loved. If that was all we came to know it might seem enough but God desires more for us. In this Easter season we often talk about ‘new life’ but God wants us to experience it. A friend of mine says “It is not only about pie in the sky when we die. It is about steak on the plate while we wait!”

At our natural birth we are given the wonderful gift of a ‘bios’ life. We live and breathe. We move and have our being. It is a beautiful life and a sacred gift and yet there is more. God’s desire is that we enjoy our ‘bios’ life and he offers us the gift of a ‘zoe’ life. Jesus used this term in describing the ‘abundant’ or ‘full’ life, which he came to give.

The 5th Awakening to a “Life” brought us full circle. Our first Awakening was to the idea “there must be more to life than this”. It was in trying to fulfill this longing in our own way, which led us down the path that led to regret and lostness. Now we learn that the longing for more is intended to be more than met through the gift of a ‘zoe’ life. We are not intended to trudge through this life nor to soar above all the trials and pains of the ‘bios’ life. We are invited to a life, a real and full life, lived in friendship with God and in the company of his family (now our family).

Eternity began for us in an empty tomb. We can experience the Easter ‘zoe’ life here and now while we continue to enjoy the sacred gift of a ‘bios’ life and forever after this ‘bios’ life ends and the perishable puts on imperishability.

I received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The folks that attended had truly experienced these awakenings. In a short 5 Tuesdays we became family and I believe relationships formed in “Finding Your Way Back to God” will continue on. One person shared it was the greatest experience of her life.

I received the following note from Dave Ferguson, one of the authors of the material. “Sounds like a great experience for all. Well done, Reed! So glad to be associated with your efforts in a small way. Keep up the great work! “

We hope to hold another 30 Day Dare next Fall. In the meantime we turn our eyes toward our garden project. There is a real sense of excitement in the community for this project. I sense a ‘buy in’ that has not been there in past years.

Please continue to pray for us. Thanks.


One comment on “An Easter ‘Zoe’ Life

  1. Great word and report Reed!

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