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Never The Same


A few years ago it began, like all things, with an idea. “Could a group of broken people be formed into a community that served: served God and served others?” This was the generating question that led to the formation of Street Hope Saint John. We began to meet, in twos and threes to learn of God and to pray. We took opportunities to serve concentrating on preparing and serving a meal, once a month, for the hungry of our city. We have had a lot of setbacks and some encouraging moments and it feels like they have all been leading us to this moment.

As I write today we stand on a threshold. Tuesday marks our moment. I sense that things will not be the same after Tuesday. Like Caesar at the Rubicon our destiny lies on the other side. We are, I believe, emerging from our phase as disciples, though we will always be disciples, to a new phase of ‘making disciples’. We have been specifically preparing for this Tuesday since August. We have spiritually been preparing for years. I am confident that people will be finding their way back to the Father in March and that we will have a new task.

We have been inviting friends to attend our “Finding Your Way Back to God” dinners each Tuesday in March. There has been a real sense of God’s prevenience, as he has prepared people to accept our invitations. These are curious people who are open to God possibilities. They come ready to pray each day for 30 days “God if you are real make yourself real to me….” We are confident that such a prayer will be answered and that honest hearts will find their way back to God. We are confident both because of our personal and corporate experience.

Each Tuesday we will visit the story of the “Lost Son” and track his journey to a new life. We will hear people’s stories of their journeys back. By the end of the month we will see people come home! We do not know numbers though we are cooking for 30, but numbers are not the most important thing. The change this will make inside our community and the additions to it are the real deal.

Not long ago I was challenged with the question “What really turns your crank?” This Facebook question had a host of answers but after a bit of thought I responded “Leading someone home to God”. As an Evangelist I have opportunity to experience this more than the average Christian, and it is glorious! As we approach our “Finding Your Way Back to God” I realized that some of my Evangelist DNA has been coded into Street Hope. This is probably pretty natural. Our unique mission as a community is to: Go deep into God, Serve others, and Share the ‘Good News’ that there is a new life possible as we find our way back to God.

The Apostle Paul once wrote “a great door for effectual service is open before me and there are many adversaries.” As we stand on the threshold, this cusp of a new thing, we need your prayers. No one is trying to bar us, in fact we have had tremendous cooperation, but we know that there are forces that want people to remain enslaved rather than find freedom and new life. Would you stand with us? In the past we had challenges with health of key participants and problems with technology.  I have tried to simplify our technology so that even I should be able to handle it. We also ask prayer that those who have accepted our invitation will actually come and be blessed.

Thank you in advance.




One comment on “Never The Same

  1. Excellent to hear your infectious joy as an evangelist Reed! As kingdom sons and daughters we should all desire the same. The prayer requests are duly noted. May March bring the breakthroughs and changed lives that you are expecting and more!

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