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thresholdMy shadow lays long behind me.

I face the sun

I stand on the threshold, a new day, a new beginning

Behind lays my past, full of good and ill

It has shaped me, nothing wasted.

I stand afresh on the threshold.

The threshold demands but one thing… a decision!

I pause in this deciding place reflecting

Will I choose to trust Him though I cannot see the path ahead?

Will I opt to place my faith in myself alone and lonely step into the unknown?

Each day, each moment I stand on this threshold.

No stale surrender in this liminal space

Fresh obedience ever, brings me ‘zoe’ life.

All share this common place, this threshold space.

Each may choose. All must opt.

I can but recommend the way of trust.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain!


People often ask me about the name “Threshold”. I have always thought it was a marvellous name for a society of Evangelists. A threshold is that liminal space the meeting of the already and the not yet. It is an Advent space! It is a place of decision. Some make decisions easily and some find deciding an extremely difficult process. Some decide quickly about things and rue their rashness. Others make decisions by delay or default.

We all live in the present, not past and not yet future. Our future will be shaped by what we decide in this liminal space, this threshold. As I gaze back on my past I notice that never once did I ‘get in trouble’ or go off the rails by trusting God. My biggest regrets revolve around self-will! Perversely the dark moments of my past shed a light to help me decide now, on the threshold.

As evangelists we encourage people to recognize the folly of self-will and the wisdom of a life surrendered to God’s will. Each person I meet is standing on a threshold and I have the privilege of influencing decisions made in that ‘not yet’ liminal space.

Today I stand on the threshold. I pray I might step boldly into his future for me!


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