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In Our Small Corner



I get asked a lot “So what is it that you do at Street Hope?” The name seems to conjure up images of a ministry that feeds hundreds and clothes many and there is a great need for these but that would not be us. Our particular niche is the creation of Christian community. Often I add Christian community that serves others even though I see a very real redundancy in this addition. All truly Christian communities serve others, surely!

To do this we employ a ‘funnel’ strategy. This model pictures a wide end with an ever narrowing shape. At the wide end we engage the wider community. We do this at our Drop In, at our seasonal events etc. We gather in smaller groups for worship. An even smaller group meets for prayer and study. This group is praying for and planning for our “30 Day Dare” in March. We will be challenging the wider community to pray, each day for 30 Days, “God if you are real, would you show yourself to me.” On each Tuesday night, that month, we will host an ‘Alpha-like’ meal and show a short “Finding Your Way Back to God” video. Our hope is that people will move further down our funnel.

Jesus engaged the crowds feeding the hungry etc. but he spent the majority of time with a group of disciples and his most intense times with a very small group. Our goal is to follow after Him. We are grateful for all the ministries that meet these huge physical needs in Christ’s name. We love to do our part but that is not our primary part to play. Our “small corner” is to create a Christian community (that serves others). It is a humble corner often little noticed, and that is alright because our chief end is to please Jesus. We think that we do that best by modelling ourselves after him.

We are an unlikely lot, and “Jesus bids us shine … in our small corner”

Below you can see a video which includes me and my friend Donnie talking about Street Hope.



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