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A Facebook post today purported that those kids who ‘talk back’ actually go on to be more successful. My first thought was that I should be CEO of the Globe! I have often found myself saying things in an ‘unfiltered’ kind of way. Things occur to me and are spoken simultaneously. The thought was perhaps a good one to ponder, but too often comes across as snarky or thoughtless. Over the years I have often bit my tongue but occasionally (read too often) I still utter unfiltered comments. This happened to me this week.

A friend made an offer for me to attend a “Global Leadership Summit”. It was a very kind and thoughtful offer but my response was not as kind. I found myself blurting out “No thanks. If they ever offer a ‘Servant-ship’ conference I would be interested.” “No thank you”, would have been a good place to stop. I responded to kindness with a snarky and smug unkindness.

I am sure many will greatly benefit from a “Global Leadership Summit” and I know I have benefited by conferences in the past. These events help form us. However I am in an impatient and crotchety phase of ministry. I so long to get on with the business of the Kingdom.

This week during our morning Study and Prayer time we looking at our desire for significance. Each of us longs to live a purposeful life. We read Eph. 2:10 “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” There was a sense of excitement in the room when the folks there realised that significance was not limited to those with resources. Each of us have the opportunity each day multiple times to “do good works” that is be kind. Such significance does not hinge on being a global leader but rather on being a self-less servant. In the upside down, or more properly right-side up, Kingdom significance is discovered in selflessness. The Great Commandments: “Love God.” “Love your neighbour.” are for our good!

I don’t know how many years, of ministry, I have left, but I do know that I want to spend them doing something significant. Years ago I read “Descent to Greatness” by Bill Hybels and I want to continue that journey down. Saint Theresa calls it “The Little Way”.  Jesus calls it taking up the cross. On the night of his Last Supper as he was about to take up his cross Jesus took up the towel. I have little time or patience for jockeying for leadership status. My heart (at its best) longs for servant-ship.

There is no reason though to get cranky with those who are at another place in their walk. If everyone was like me …. Well I shudder to think!

It has been great to see all the folks who are ‘coming alongside’ Street Hope in our ministry. Friday night we had 5 volunteers from a suburban community join us for our drop in bringing food and a different life perspective. On Saturday we had a powerful testimony at our Fellowship Breakfast. Tonight we will have 25 – 30 people from a church in Penfield NB bring a turkey dinner to the guests at our Drop In. We are so blessed by the servant-ship we see week by week.



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