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Bin’s Packed?


It has been a week of lugging the right bin to the right venue, carrying the right key and remembering the right security code. Each morning I wake with a check list going through my fevered brain trying to recall all the little and big things that need to be packed and toted. It has been unusually fatiguing but it has been a most fulfilling week and I am sure it will all become routine and not require such strain on the brain (the back strain I handle with more aplomb.)

We have received wonderful welcomes at all our new venues. We had our first Drop In followed by our Saturday Fellowship Breakfast at St. Andrew & St. David’s. A few of our friends had difficulty finding us but we had a good time. A youth group from St. Mary & St. Bartholomew’s Church came to our Drop In and brought cookies. When they saw we had a piano they asked if they could sing for us. We enjoyed an impromptu concert and before they left one of our core members Donnie prayed for them. It was a wonderful blend of; young and older, and richer and poorer but there was a great air of camaraderie.

Our Sunday night worship was on the small side which was probably as well because we realized the need for a sound system for the music. I will have to scramble to find something before our next one, in a little over a week’s time.

Our Mon. – Wed. Morning studies found a home at the Out Flow building which also houses the Men’s Emergency Shelter. We arrive after the men leave and spend the first 30 minutes tidying up a bit and then we proceed to study “Helping People Find Their Way Back to God”. This has been a wonderful opportunity to humbly serve and to grow in his Word. These are the two chief reasons for the existence of Street Hope!

Tuesday night we held our Recovery Workshop in a classroom at the Vineyard Church. It is a clean beautiful room. We had a great night about being serious and intentional about finding a new way of life. On the way out a church representative gave each of us a bag of cherry tomatoes. Folks are anxious to return next week!

We have our Drop In again tonight and tomorrow Trinity Church will be hosting us as we prepare and serve our Harvest Thanksgiving Dinner. We are cooking a stew using produce from our garden and are inviting ‘the south end’ to dinner.

This week Linda and I have been a part of the Threshold Atlantic Regional Gathering here in Saint John.  It has been a joy to see old friends and catch up. It has been especially good to spend time with my friend Darrin who leads Street Hope Peterborough. There are also 3 of us who work toward the re-integration of ex-offenders and we are hoping to sit down together today and compare notes.

It has been a blessed and long week!

Correction: In last week’s blog I identified ‘Mercy Me’ as the group that sang “Voice of Truth” I was wrong! It was sung by ‘Casting Crowns’.


One comment on “Bin’s Packed?

  1. You could blame your son for the error in last week’s blog!

    Glad you’re getting settled into the nomadic way of life. You’re getting more like Jesus every day!

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