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A Cinematic View

war room

The theme this week seems to be ‘movies’. We saw the movie the Truman Show on a very rainy night in the Uptown. Truman didn’t realise that he was the star of a “reality” show which was his life. He was deceived and didn’t know it, which is redundant because being deceived of course means we don’t know it. The questions to ponder are “Are we being deceived?” and “How can we know it?” Truman eventually clued in through the interventions of those outside himself. We need to check with sources outside ourselves if we, too, want a reality check. At Street Hope we believe the best place to check is the Bible. Here, despite the deceptions of the world and our own penchant for self-deception, we discover our intrinsic value and identity.

Circumstances, the devil, and our own deceived voices, tell us who we are! “We will never amount to anything!” “We will never get it right!” “Just self-medicate and forget it!” We spend our lives both buffeted and believing these voices but the Gospel tells another story! The Good News tells me I am loved. It tells me that with God I have the power to change. This as the band “Mercy Me” says, is “The Voice of Truth”.

We don’t know that Truman lives happily ever after, but we do know that at the end of the movie the truth has quite literally set him free! We dare to believe that the “Way the Truth and the Life” will set us free from bondage to the deceptive voices that have so ruled our lives.

Linda and I saw another movie last night. We went to see “The War Room”. It was one of the top grossing movies at the box office in September and many friends had raved about it. I must admit to a bit of a bias against “Christian” movies. In my opinion the production values and often the acting do not meet the standard of regular Hollywood fare. I was more than pleasantly surprised by this one though.

It was well made and for the most part very well acted. The message of praying for and loving people instead of fighting with them was powerfully delivered. For me one of the most thought provoking moments was when the male lead said that the way he had turned out was not all the person he had planned to be. I asked myself, “Am I now the person that long ago I had hoped to be?” I surprised myself with the answer “Yes, for the most part.”  Despite some character defects which stubbornly cling, I am quite content with who I am and what I do. This year has not been easy. But whether suffering: ill health in the family, unfair accusations, the caprices of the Federal Government or the organized church, or losing our newly renovated ministry home, God has been good to us! “The War Room” reminds us that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” God is our refuge and a very present help.

A friend tells me that she is going to buy this movie when it comes out. We are already talking about showing it to an audience that cannot afford the theatre but needs the message.


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