I dare you!


I have always admired how Jesus answered questions! He rarely answered the exact question asked but rather answered the question that ought to have been asked, if the questioner only knew it. I have determined that I spend way too much time answering, or attempting to answer people’s questions. I am asked “If God is Love then why….?” This question comes in a multitude of forms but is essentially asked and re-asked every day. It arises out of our puzzlement and pain and it arises out of doubt and unbelief. “If” sets the doubtful tone for the whole question. Its use seems to dare God to prove himself by our criteria.

In our study of the book “Finding You Way Back to God” we have been reading about the great mathematician, and philosopher Blaise Pascal, challenged this “if” thinking with what he called a “wager”, because some of my friends have had gambling problems I refer to it as a “dare.” He dares us to put our trust in God and his benevolence. He asserts that if we are wrong we lose nothing but if we are right we gain everything.

At Street Hope we are picking up the dare. We are encouraging each other to pray, quite simply, “God please make yourself real, in my life today.” We will have conversations about how he is answering that prayer. Our hope is that, in time, we will become adept at sweetly challenging our friends in the wider community to take this ‘no lose’ dare.

For the past number of months we have been deeply impressed that we were ‘dry bones’ which God wanted to breathe life into. In turn he wants us to ‘call out’ to other dry bones, other dead hearts, so that he might breathe life into them as well. We have come to believe that this “Dare” is a part of that plan.

On another note, we are planning a “Harvest Dinner” Sat. Oct. 10th. We are making a stew from our ‘Street Hope Community Garden’ produce and are inviting the South End to a thanksgiving dinner. We are hoping that people will make the connection between the garden they pass by and the tasty food on their plates.

I was hoping to be able to announce all the host sites for our various programs but there is one major piece yet to be confirmed. I am hoping that we will settle this soon.

Finances have slumped a bit over the past few month while certain expenses have increased. Please pray with us for God’s provision and that he is glorified through Street Hope Saint John.


2 comments on “I dare you!

  1. Excellent blog Reed – thanks! The dare is a great goal to come out of this kind of conversation. God bless your TG dinner and shower you and the community with His blessings!!

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