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What me worry?


“What me worry?” These were the words I saw frequently in my childhood forays into the world of literature. Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine never worried and I envied him.

I still like all sorts of literature both higher and lower brow but one of the important books I read is the Bible. Besides outlining the means of my rescue from guilt and shame it is packed with wisdom for living successfully in the ‘here and now’. One of great gems of wisdom is congruent with my friend Alfred’s philosophy. Jesus Says “Therefore I tell you, do not worry.” Matthew 6:25 and continues “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Matthew 6:27

I’ve been thinking a lot about this because I have had more than a few things I could worry about. I was talking to somebody this week who was consumed by worry. We talked about the futility of worry and I knew I was talking to myself as well as my friend. It is easy to say “Don’t worry!” but how is worry avoided.

“I am a natural born worrier.” My friend says. “My mother was a worrier and so am I” I am sure she has a natural aptitude for worry and I am likely the same, but do our genes exempt us from God’s wisdom? I do not think so!

I am also clumsy. My fingers do not do what I want them to do and I am, all too often, an accident waiting to happen. My clumsiness does not mean that I ought to give up on doing the things I enjoy. Instead being clumsy means I have to be careful. I need to plan my actions and guard against spills etc. There are somethings I have learned to leave to others. I no longer deal at all with power tools or fly kites on rocky beaches. But my life is not diminished because of these few things.

If I am a natural worrier (and I am) then I need to be all the more careful that I don’t become too full of cares. While others may not be worriers and so are less often conscious of these cares, I must consciously “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7. This reminds me that I do not have to carry these ‘cares’ because he cares. My old friend Al used to say “Give your problems to Jesus. It is the one thing we can give him that he doesn’t have!”

We will be leaving our current home on Oct. 1st and so one of our concerns has been to find new homes for our Street Hope programs. This week I had several meetings with church leaders hoping to find a home for our ‘homeless’ ministry. First we found a home for our “Recovery Workshop”, I was especially concerned to find a home for this program which is life-changing for those who attend. Secondly we were offered a new home for our “Study & Prayer Time” Monday – Wednesday mornings and for our Christmas Breakfast. Finally we are trusting that we found a home for our Friday Night Drop In and our other events. This will be confirmed this next week.

Through all this we are learning “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6


One comment on “What me worry?

  1. Excellent message. I particularly like when you wrote that we should give our worries to Jesus, as it is the one thing we can give him that he doesn’t have. Great quote. Thank you.

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