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“Make pie!”





lemonpie“What are my thoughts worth now?” This question occurred to me as I watched the cashier ‘rounding’ up or down to the nearest nickel. It was obvious I would never again hear that old phrase “A penny for your thoughts.”

I have a lot of such thoughts and I enjoy them even if their worth has become indeterminate. Unlike Queen Victoria I am amused. As an introvert I enjoy my own company and often ponder word plays and mixed metaphors, for my own amusement. “Why is there no other word for Thesaurus? If people can be ruthless can they also be ruthful?” Not all my thoughts are frivolous but enough to keep the inner smile on my inner face.

A few weeks ago as I was sitting in a Mom & Pop diner, I saw lemon pie on the menu and thought (quite naturally) “When life hands you lemons … make lemon pie!” Immediately my mind went to all my friends in Street Hope who have, in one way or the other, been handed lemons. Born into poverty, or with mental illness which is so often the same, born with physical and intellectual handicaps. Life has handed out a multitude of lemons! I thought “Our mission at Street Hope is to make pie!” Life has handed us tart and we will make tarts.

God has given us the recipe to make sweet pie from sour fruit. We are not made for ourselves but to love God and love our community. As we meet to learn of God, because to know him is to love him, and as we seek to serve him by loving our neighbour, he works in us. As we rely on his strength rather than our own it becomes easy as pie! The world that has seen us in all of our natural sourness now sees a difference and we invite them to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

As I said, I had my ‘lemony’ thoughts a few weeks ago but I was reminded of them recently. At the end of next month we will be closing the door on our Street Hope Chapel for the last time. The news that this day was upon us had a helping of bitterness to it but immediately my own thoughts came back to haunt, or more aptly ‘help’, me. “Make pie!”

We have begun the search for new homes for our programs and I am confident we will do so. We will be escaping our little salt shaker on Sewell Street and be scattered around the Up Town and South End. I can already see potential benefits and I know that God has more than we can yet see.

Please pray for our folks, some of whom have not yet bought into the whole pie idea. Change can be very hard especially for those who suffer with anxiety issues. Pray that each of our events finds the right home. Pray for much pie!



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