Encounters of the Spiritual Kind

I have been recalling a few encounters I have had this week.

A few of us had spent an afternoon spreading a dump truck load of mulch around our garden. We left the job about half done. The next day S. asked me if he could go back and continue the work. It was raining (like it has been much of the month) and so I said that maybe we could do it another day; but he insisted that he wanted to do it. “This is God’s work!” he insisted. So he worked alone in the drizzle and had a tremendous time, feeling especially useful in the Kingdom. Where we had left things barely covered the day before he ensured that there are several inches of mulch on all the paths between our raised beds.

A few weeks ago we had a ‘planting party’ at the garden. V. took particular interest in planting our Sugar Snap Peas. This is her first time gardening and she is terribly excited! This week I told her that on my recent visit to the garden I noticed the peas were growing. She lit up! “I’ll get a grocery bag and go down on Saturday and pick some for you.” she said. She was a bit chagrinned to learn that the peas had just popped out of the soil and that it might be sometime before harvest. We had a great conversation about the process involved and how it was similar to the production of God’s character in our lives. I have decided we will do a series on the Fruit of the Spirit in our studies as the garden season progresses.

During our Discovering Creativity time. J. told me about the changes in her prayer life recently. She said she had been “such a whinner” but after being a part of our community she had learned to praise. This had been a transformative development as she moved from deep depression to happiness. She now recommends happiness quite highly!

D.and I had the honour of hosting the Board members of Threshold Ministries the other afternoon. I was so glad D. was able to join me for this time. It is difficult to talk about forming community as if it was a ‘solo’ activity. We shared our activities and D. shared a bit of his story, as a prodigal. As our meeting was drawing to a close we played a video for our visitors. The song “Come Alive” has been very important to us at Street Hope. We feel (deeply) that it expresses the heart that God has for our ministry together. The words “We call out to dry bones, ‘Come alive!’ We call out to dead hearts ‘Come alive!’ Out of these ashes let an army rise” stir our hearts. We sense our purpose is to prophetically call out to our wider community “Come alive!” When we played the video I sensed a powerful move of God’s Spirit in our midst. Later D. and I were talking about this experience. I mentioned my sense of the Holy Spirit and D. agreed but he added. “I sense the Holy Spirit in everything we do!” I began to reflect over recent events and came to the conclusion he was right. I had not fully appreciated God’s sweet Spirit at work in our midst in the way that my, much more in tune, friend had. I hope I can be more aware and so more appreciative in those experiences which lay ahead.


2 comments on “Encounters of the Spiritual Kind

  1. Thanks Reed, That is very helpful.


  2. Excellent, thanks Reed!

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