“Man of Prayer”


It has been quite a week: we witnessed the beautiful wedding of our nephew Ben, our ‘little girl’ Judith had a baby, and we attended a memorial service for Linda’s Uncle Doug. Our emotions ran a full gamut. The overwhelming one though was that of awe and wonder as I held little Declan for the first time. My baby’s baby captured my heart! He is just the coolest kid!

Judith and Mike had kept the name ‘hush-hush’ so after meeting this little guy, I had to do some research. I have learned that Declan means ‘man of prayer’ and we have begun to pray that he will grow into that name. I also learned that Declan was an Irish saint who both preceded and was a contemporary of the more famous St. Patrick. Unlike Patrick he was native to Ireland and descended in fact was from Irish royalty. This gave him local influence but neighbouring chieftains, though they allowed their subjects to convert would not do so themselves because of historic rivalries. Is anything more Irish than that? In his little corner along the southern coast Declan preached and prayed. It seems that he was perfectly content to serve under Patrick who was archbishop. While he did not exactly serve in obscurity he did serve in humility. He was a man of learning and noted for his kindness and his faith.

I admit that I knew little of Declan before but it seems a noble name for this little guy. I have decided to call him “laddie buck” which really means little guy. In the past I have often asked people the meaning of their names as an icebreaker. I find this can open up all sorts of avenues of conversation. It is always a bit disappointing to have to admit that Reed means ‘red’, so it is nice that Declan will never have that same embarrassment.

Declan’s arrival must have fogged my brain because I forgot to go to our Recovery Workshop on Tuesday. The good news (I think) was that my absence was not even noticed until I wasn’t there to close in prayer. K. tells me it was the largest crowd we have ever had. He kindly stopped short of saying I should stay away more often.

Our Study and Prayer mornings are growing lately as well. We have been studying the theme from Romans “an obedience that comes from faith”. This idea of service arising from our faith is core to who we are as Street Hope Saint John.

I am looking forward to what next week may hold, knowing who holds next week.


3 comments on ““Man of Prayer”

  1. What a lovely little boy, and this picture is beautiful – I think it catches the essence of you both, very well! Great bible study topic, too. Now that you are mentioning it, my name seems to have different meanings; it’s Welsh, and was also a surname on my mother’s paternal side. The most common ‘meaning’ is ‘Guardian of the sea.’

    It is an exciting time to watch a little one grow! God bless all and keep writing (and praying)!

  2. Thanks Meredith. I do get to tell people about Isaiah 42:3 in connection with my name.sometimes. <

  3. Congratulations Reed! What an amazing opportunity you and Linda have as grandparents to influence such a laddie as he grows into that “man of prayer”.

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