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Hope does not disappoint

The last week was filled with hope! We had one of our regular Saturday Morning Fellowship Breakfasts. This one was hosted by K. who invited a number of his friends to join us. After our meal of blueberry pancakes and sausages K. shared his journey from nearly half a lifetime behind bars to a new life as a “citizen”. By “citizen” he means citizen of the Kingdom of God. His key to following Jesus, he sums up as “being responsible and useful”. Those of us gathered were inspired not just by his words but the credence they were given by the way we have seen K. live his life. Life is not at all easy for my friend but through it all he exemplifies the hope we find in the God who transforms us into responsible and useful citizens of his Kingdom.

S. reappeared this last week. She is delightful and funny and helpful. She struggles mightily with alcohol. There is a new light in her eyes this time though. She seems to be really grasping the concept that is taught at our A.A. workshop, that we must fire the old manager (self) and engage God to manage our out of control lives. She has been at every event we have put on this week including our prayer and study times. She stays for long chats and cleaned our fridge for me. She has suffered a lot of setbacks in her life but I have high hopes for her new life. She is seeking and finding help.

D.has returned and just loves to ‘hang out’ with me. It is a joy to spend time with him as he seeks a fresh start after some bad mistakes. His faith and enthusiasm buoy my spirits each day.

Another D. has just come to Saint John and is finding a home in our community. Recently he prayed “God if you are out there, please help!” He believes God answered his desperate prayer and seeking hard after God. He has little ‘church’ background and is so hungry and filled with questions.

Linda and I went to see some friends preform in a variety show this week at the Mental Health Recovery Centre. It was a lot of fun! Three of our friends were singing. We also met a very talented singer and guitar player who is looking for places to share her gifts. We were glad to invite her to come and play at our drop in. Ever since our renovations I have felt that we have a great venue for an acoustic guitar/singer. We are looking forward to J. coming tonight!

Folks were very pleased with our movie “Finding Normal” and it was a good community building night.

We are discovering more and more hope as the weeks go by. Despite inevitable setbacks we choose cling to the sure and certain hope that is ours through Christ!

On a personal note Linda and I did participate in ‘Skate to Care’. We did not skate far but we did not fall either! Thank you for your prayers.


One comment on “Hope does not disappoint

  1. Thanks for reminding me of all of the hopeful signs of the past week or so. We see lots of the negative around us but with the spring have come many reasons to give thanks for the work of God in some of our friends. Another positive in the past week was a performance we attended last Sat of “937” That # represents the Jewish refugees who came from Germany in 1939 on the St.Louis trying to find a country who would allow them to enter. Cuba took in 25, the USA, Canada, and other countries turned them all away and they had to return to Germany, more than half to deaths in concentration camps. One of the 4 performers is a former student of Reed’s at Taylor College. It was energizing to connect with her again over such a powerful stage production. God is soooooooo good!

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