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Singing to the Bones

Years ago, when I first started ministry, I was granted a series of lessons in humility. Everywhere I went in my initial forays in ministry I was met with initial disappointment! This does not build confidence in a young evangelist (yes I was young once). The reason for disappointment was my inability to play an instrument. All my gray uniformed predecessors could whip out a guitar and wow the children and their parents. They were much slower warming to me. I know envy is a sin but I envied these guys. At public meetings they could hide behind their guitars while I had to hop up on “the soap box” and try to hold forth to a disinterested crowd. I so wished I could play!

But these were formative experiences for me. I learned skills in humour and handling hecklers. I learned how to step out despite my fears. I learned how to be publicly entertaining and winsome. I learned a lot that has been very handy for me over the years but I still wished I could play!

I love music and I have even learned to sing, though I still cannot play. I love listening to music and one of my favourite groups is “Casting Crowns”, they have a song “Let My Lifesong Sing for You” with the lyrics:

I once was lost, but now I’m found

I once was lost, but now I’m found

So far away, but I’m home now

I once was lost, but now I’m found

And now my lifesong sings

I have determined that it is this song, my “lifesong”, that is the most important one. No one else, none of my talent Threshold friends, can play my lifesong! I realize I have no time for envy, my immediate task is too important. I must play my ‘lifesong’ to the best of my ability.

In our newly renovated Street Hope space we have created a small theatre like space and unexpectedly it has pointed toward a kind of solution to my instrumental deficiencies. I have a program on my laptop which enables me to download youtube videos to my computer. I download videos with our worship songs including the lyrics and project them on our screen and play them through our powerful sound system. Our little gatherings are no longer musically challenged.

Recently I was enjoying a new video and I was absolutely blown away; “Come Alive (Dry Bones) by Lauren Daigle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XAeyFagceQ

I have been playing this for anyone who will listen. This describes, for me, the prophetic ministry of Street Hope and me! We are to call out to dry bones; we are to call out to dead hearts, “Come Alive!” We do not do this with our voiced songs alone, we do it with our ‘lifesong’.

Now is the time to step into “the valley” and sing to the dry bones “Come alive!” This is a mission worth living for! This is a ‘lifesong’ worth the singing!




One comment on “Singing to the Bones

  1. Very anointed song here on the video, Reed! My spirit confirms its what the Spirit is saying to the churches today. Bones are coming together today with fresh connections all through the body of Christ . And how we need the prophetic to encourage and direct us as we prepare for His breath to blow! 🙂

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