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Discovering Creativity

Yesterday we had our first “Discovering Creativity” and I think I may have learned a valuable lesson.  I do consider myself a creative person, though my creative efforts remain mostly in the realm of words. I write and speak. I rhyme and joke. I use words, many of them all the time and I appreciate those who use words well. I feel a certain facility with words, partly because I have learned ‘the laws of language’. I know my alphabet and for the most part I have learned to spell. Over the years I have gained a vocabulary and I studied grammar in school. This ‘law of language’ has provided the boundaries within, and sometimes without, I practice the art of the written and spoken word.

As I say, I see myself as creative ….until, someone puts a paint brush in my hand! Suddenly I freeze and feel very uncreative! This was my experience in the opening minutes of “Discovering Creativity”. Ed coaxed us to “child-like play” and I wanted to but was not, at all, feeling it. This gradually changed as I listened and watched. Ed did not want me to just child-like begin to slap paint on my ‘canvas’, he gave some simple instructions involving shape and colour and line. It was within these boundaries that our creativity was to flow. I had been frozen by the idea of undisciplined creativity but this idea of creativity within bounds was freeing, just as I am free to versify within the bounds of ‘the law of language’.

It strikes me that this tension between discipline and grace flows through my entire life. Grace, the child-like freedom that is our inheritance as children of God, flows deepest in the channels formed through disciplined lives!

I do not want to live a life of tiresome legalism. My great desire is to know a creative freedom through grace but I so easily turn grace into license. Lent calls us to contemplate a life of spiritual discipline and in keeping such a Lent we dig deep channels for His grace to flow, deep and strong.

We had a marvellous Grand opening and re-launch. Linda and I had both been sick all week but our Street Hope team did a tremendous job! There is a renewed sense of ‘God on the move in our midst’. We believe 2015 will be a year of Break Through for Street Hope. May it be so, Lord. Amen


One comment on “Discovering Creativity

  1. We are creative because God is creative and He created us in His image. A pastor friend impressed this upon me. I am not an artist but I enjoy the freedom of art. A few blobs of paint can turn into something quite attractive. It always surprises me. God is so good!

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