Time to Run

People ask me “How is it going?” and I reply, “Not bad but it is still early.” But try as I might I just can’t be a pessimist! I sometimes think that being a pessimist would cushion the inevitable blows of ministry. While I advocate realism, pessimism is inconsistent with the gospel of Hope. Yes there are disappointments but because we now see through a glass darkly we do not see or understand but can only trust that the Kingdom of God is indeed unfolding.

Truthfully I am perhaps the most optimistic person I know. That I have been disappointed in the past does not deter me (for long) from rising with renewed enthusiasm “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31.

It is with this renewed sense of excitement that I share the Menu of activities we will be hosting at our newly renovated “Street Hope” space at 36 Sewell St. in the back of Stone Anglican Church.


February 1 – Hopeful –6:30 pm
February 15 – Purposeful – 6:30pm
February 27 – Open House – 2-4pm
February 28 – Open House – 2-4pm
February 28 – Grand Opening – 7pm
March 10 – Recovery Workshop (12 Tuesdays) 7pm


Monday – Wednesday – Prayer & Study with Reed – 10am
Every Friday – Friday Night Drop In – 7-9pm


1st & 3rd Saturday – Street Hope Fellowship Breakfast, cost $2/person – 9am
1st Sunday – Hopeful – 6:30pm
1st Thursday – “Discovering Creativity” led by acclaimed Maritime artist Ed Coleman – 2pm
3rd Thursday – Spaghetti & a Western – 5:30pm
3rd Sunday –  Purposeful – 6:30pm
4th Wednesday – Reel Hope: Street Hope Movie Night – 7pm

To this Menu we hope to add a Sunday Afternoon Drop In for women. This will depend on recruiting sufficient female volunteers to staff this. Women’s emergency housing is an 8 PM to 8 AM shelter and women have few safe places to be on Sundays when so many of the usual haunts are closed.

We are also looking for people or groups who would like to sponsor an event of their choosing. This would involve financially and prayerfully supporting an event and could include practical volunteer activity. Each event has a ‘refreshments’ component.

I feel like it is time to get “running.”


2 comments on “Time to Run

  1. I believe you’re an optimist and a realist. I like to point out potential problems not to rain on your parade or discourage but to help prepare for possibilities. I like to think I’m and optimist and a realist as well. Let’s run !

  2. I love all the things that you and your group are doing. I felt a connection to your mission for many reasons. One being that i struggled for so long before trying out something new. THat being living for Christ. I love the fact that you are welcoming to people that may have never felt a welcome before. I pray that my life will be in service and that I can lend a hand to your Sundays.

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