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Wishing Well … Doing Good!

As the air gets that nip to it, nostalgia descends with the fluttering first snowflakes. I remember those early years poring over the Eaton’s catalogue “The Wish Book” circling the coolest things and anticipating their arrival on Christmas morn. Time has not diminished my capacity to wish and this Advent Season stirs my wishing afresh.

I wish that the kidnapped girls in Nigeria would be returned to their families. I wish the Isis fighters would come to know how loved they are by their Creator and put down the weapons and set aside the hatred and allow themselves to experience His grace. I wish we had a cure for cancer. I wish we could treat the mentally ill with dignity. I wish the planet would be healed of all the damage we have inflicted on it. Unfortunately I could go on, my wish list gets longer each passing day. The very weight of my list makes me groan along with all creation (Romans 8:22).

If I were limited to one wish (no I am not allowed to wish for more wishes) it would be this, “I wish the world well!”

Wishes alone do not accomplish much, as the old English nursery rhyme reminds us “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.” Action is required if any or all my wishes are to be realized. Passive wishing is a waste! As a part of the Body of Christ, I must somehow roll up my sleeves and take action. It is good to wish well but I must do good!

Most of the items on my wish list are too big for me but I must not let their bigness stop me. I cannot do everything but I can do something. I can do good and so I should do good! One of the greatest things I can do is to pray/groan and listen for my part in His answer.

God heard his people groaning and sent Moses to deliver them. He heard the groans of his people and sent Jesus the Messiah to be their deliverer. He hears the groans of this world and sends … you and me as the Body of Christ as a stop gap until that day when He has promised to make all things right under the reign of Christ the King.

Let’s keep wishing well but doing good!


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