As a family we have been going through some difficult times. All of this has driven me to new depths with God. I’ve been writing each day and below you will see three of my efforts to express this. Please feel free to comment.


I look at my reflection, squinting through bifocals

There I see the marks, the marks of life.

I see the mark of gravity and its irresistible pull

I see the mark of a poor night’s sleep

I see the mark of a horrible scar puckering my chin

I see the weathered marks of three score years

But the mark I do not see

The most important mark of all, is invisible.

I have been marked with the sign of the cross

I have been marked as His forever.

Climb Up


Remember climbing onto your father’s lap

Safe in daddy’s near presence

Climb up my child, climb up.


Let me hold you, shush now

No words no thoughts

Climb up my child, climb up.


Hold back the thoughts and be held

There’ll be time to think them

Climb up my child, climb up.


Feel me beneath, feel deeply

Feel me enfolding you

Climb up my child, climb up.


You cannot think your way to wholeness

You cannot act your way to health

Climb up, simply climb, my child.

Now’s Choice

Plans made,

Plans disposed of

Machinations and manipulations

Getting what we want would harm us

His ways are higher

He alone has a plan

A plan to prosper not to harm us

Though it is painful

Short term pain

It is a rough life; but short

His plan sees eternity

Past the pain

Past the tears

Past the strife

Past this life

And today, the ever now, I can choose

To be content with His plan

Unhappy with his sovereignty

Or fleetingly amused and grossly unhappy with my own.



3 comments on “Trilogy

  1. You are such a perceptive poet. I see so much meaning in what you write and that hasn’t always been my experience with poetry.

  2. This is incredibly moving and beautiful poetry Reed. You have touched my heart yet again.

  3. Thanks Catherine; you are an encouragement (as always). Praying for you as you settle into your new ministry.

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