Communion & the Cable guy

get er done

I have learned that multi-tasking is not for me! I can be involved, and am regularly, in a wide variety of tasks. I can sprint from one to the other and back again but I cannot do two things at once. I enjoy doing multiple things in a day because I: get bored, run out of steam, or both yet I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

In a small group I’m a part of we have been concentrating on a ‘consciousness of communion with God’. We are striving together to become more aware each day of God and God-moments in our day. In the past this exercise could stir up guilt as I realised how little of each day I spend in the conscious presence of God but I am realizing that my inability to do two things at once makes constant conscious communion an impossibility. Surely God does not ask of me what I am incapable of doing. If though, I am in Christ and he is in me, we do these ‘one at a time’ things together, both the mundane and the sacred!

Larry the Cable Guy has an expression (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I know something of Larry the Cable Guy) “Get ‘er done!” I find myself praying as I switch to yet another activity or thought process “Jesus, let’s get ‘er done!” Together we go at the next task. I would make a terrible marathon runner because I only know how to sprint. Changing activities often allows me to run in my own way and Jesus loves to race with me.

Yesterday I went to the half-way house and visited with guys there. I spoke to one of the staff about fostering employment opportunities for those needing 2nd chance employment. We batted around a couple of different opportunities. We will pick the topic up again next week. I chatted with the volunteers doing renovations on our chapel for a while as we mapped out their next moves. I took Linda and two Street Hope friends to lunch at a restraunt owned and operated by one of Linda’s friends from Tea and Chat, an English language program for new comers to Canada. We went across to the Kingston Peninsula to pick apples. We are serving baked apples at our banquet on Saturday. We went on to the farm Linda was raised on to have a short visit with her mom who had a stroke several years ago and to pick up a load of compost for our community garden. We are readying to plant garlic next week. One of our Street Hope friends stayed for supper. Linda took her home on her way in to town to lead a Bible Study for women grieving the loss of a baby. I searched the web to find the stew recipe I used last year. We will be serving stew at our Out Flow meal on Monday. I finished up my statistical report about my Community Chaplaincy work. I proofed our newest newsletter and considered the background colour for our new sign.

While multiple things were done or attempted there was no multi-tasking. I did have moments when I was conscious of God, moments when I prayed for guidance. On the whole though my thoughts were focussed on the task or person in front of me. I am not beating myself up for any inattention to God for we were ‘getting ‘er done’ together! Could this be the communion he really wants with me? I think maybe.



4 comments on “Communion & the Cable guy

  1. Eyes on the road,
    Feet on the ground,
    Hands in the work (whatever/whenever/however),
    Mind stayed on Him.

  2. That’s great Sue. Where does it come from?

  3. Just me – in reponse to what I read.

  4. I like that too, Sue. A good daily plan. I’m glad, Reed, that all of our days aren’t as full as that one. And you could have mentioned that the stew will include most of the produce from our Streethope community garden, and the fundraising banquet tonight is in celebration of Streethope’s 2nd anniversary. It’s menu is the same as what we usually serve at Outflow.

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