From Serenity to Service

Here is my big confession “I didn’t go to church on Sunday!” It was the first time in memory that, while in good health, I did not go to some church. I spent the most marvellous day with my bride and a couple of friends at Kedji (I can’t spell the full name) Park. We lounged around a fir, hiked, swam, read and chatted the day away. It was a wonderfully sunny day and perhaps the most rejuvenating day I have had in eons. Now sad experience has taught me that re-entry after such blissful times is often rocky but it was not the case this week.

We began renovations at our chapel on Tuesday after our regular prayer and study. We are “knocking down some walls to make one larger room instead of three smaller ones. We had a crowded study time and then de-construction began. My friends ensure that I never touch any power tools. They and I have learned that this is not my spiritual gift. I make coffee (maybe this is my spiritual gift) and chat while others do the serious work. It was fun and a mess but one of the group has a real knack for cleaning up. He gets great joy in turning chaos into order. Someday I’ll let him loose on my desk!

We had a “Spaghetti & a Western” scheduled for Thursday night and I wondered if we could “pull it off” but our friend had the room quite presentable as a room full of guys gathered for a great and boisterous time of fellowship over a spaghetti dinner. We then watched an episode of Bonanza and talked about the problem of judging because we can never know the whole story. Fortunately God does know the whole story but and judges with; true justice, mercy and grace. It was a great night.

Wednesday night we went to hear Reggie MacNeal. Reggie is the author of some great books helping people to find fulfilment in their Christian walk. He teaches that it is being a blessing that we are truly blessed. He was as charming and witty in person as he is in his writing. His talk was good but nothing new or startling to me. What was tremendous though was the chance I had to chat with him afterwards. His writings have meant so much to me and inspired some radical changes in the way that I “do life.” I wanted to thank him. I approached him a bit awkwardly, I do not make a habit this sort of thing but on this occasion I did. I gushed a bit about my discovery of his book “The Present Future” and the subsequent DVD series and how I used them in my teaching career. I went on to say that my passion for ‘missional community’ has its genesis in my reading. He asked me about my current ministry and promised me he would pray for our little community. He thanked me for encouraging him!  Can you imagine that!

This week will be another busy one. As soon as I post this I must complete my budget proposal for 2015 (I hate this kind of stuff!) On Saturday we hold our Neighbourhood Celebration” at Stone. This is a barbecue for the entire neighbourhood. I’m thrilled that Hilary Branch is going to come and sing and one of our new “Community Ministers” Terrence Chandra will bring a message. We have a stage to set up and tables and chairs and then tear down as well.

Monday, though a holiday, will be a big day for us as we cook and serve our monthly “Out flow” meal. This is always a busy and extremely fun day.

So that is my life and how I am using my limited gifts. How are you doing? What missional activity are you involved in? What gives you a charge as you bless others and in turn find blessing? I’d love it if you took some time to put a few thoughts in the comments section provided. Maybe we can encourage each other.


4 comments on “From Serenity to Service

  1. Wow! And ouch. 🙂 I am still laying low. I always read your blog because for me your and Linda’s response to His call is the closest I’ve seen to emulate to My Jesus’ life. My recent trials have left me a bit weak for lack of a better description, but as I read your blogs, I cling to that hope that shines through your words. Keep doing, keep being and keep praying!

  2. Great night Wednesday. Very freeing. ” It is just like God to use the gifts he gave you” ” Reggie. He is so using you Reed! I guess we need to offer our gifts to Him and see him use them mightily. I too shared with Reggie how “The Present Future ” impacted my ministry and that of our parish. Thank you Reed for bringing it to me! God bless you as you take your heart to the streets!
    other Deb

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