A Week In the Life

It was kind of a ‘throw back’ week. We started using the little booklet “My heart Christ’s Home” as a study at our Prayer and Study times. The booklet challenges us, room by room, to prepare a home suitable for our Saviour in our lives. The irony is that as we prepare our lives as a home fit for him, he has gone to prepare a place for us that where he is we might be also. I discovering this booklet back in the eighties but it has been a very apt guide for our discussions 35 years later!

We have had great discussions about: our thought lives, our appetites, our prayer lives, our secret shames, and our works for him. It is our hope that these topics spur us on to practical and positive changes in our daily lives and life together. We each have a booklet at the chapel and some are quite excited about having one to take home after we are done with it as a guide. I expect it will be a treasured addition to people’s pockets for some time to come.

This week we also launched a new ‘Circle of Friends’ for a young woman. She is doing really well, with three months of sobriety under her belt! She wants to succeed in other areas as well, especially as a mother and in the area of employment. We were able to gather three mature women to befriend her. They will all meet together once a month and each will meet with the core member privately once a month. Past efforts at such a model have fizzled but we have high hopes I this case and indeed we hope that there will be many other Circles launched in the future. Circle members do not have to be experts in anything, only open to the idea of adding a friend to their own personal circle. This is ‘body ministry’ at its most basic!

The third Thursday of the month I host “Spaghetti & a Western” for guys, especially those of the half-way houses. We had a barbeque last week. It was a bit sad as we thought about our friend who always made dessert for us (He made wonderful cheesecakes). This gentleman took his own life a couple of weeks ago. His chair sat empty! Perhaps this melancholy was the reason that the numbers were down a bit last week. We did have some good and very frank discussion over dinner and the night was a lot of fun despite the fact that the DVD of Bonanza got stuck part way through! I’ll clean it up and try again next month!

We are getting ready for another Vacation on Deer Island. This has been an annual event for us and a place filled with great memories and one I’d like to forget! We are praying this will be a tremendous time of growth for all of us. The theme is “Stop Surviving and Start Thriving!” We have to stop letting our outward circumstances prescribe our inner life! I look forward to blogging about our adventures this year.


4 comments on “A Week In the Life

  1. Lots going on this summer – hard to find holiday time. It’s good we took some time in June. God is still working in many lives, though we’ve had some disappointments lately. Addictions and mental health issues are tough. How can people survive much less thrive without God’s help?

    • Yes so true Linda. There is so much dissappointment and lose in the world. How could a person cope without our Lord. I know personally for me there was no other way. And believe me I tried every way of living. I would love to an encouragement for others that are struggling the same way that i struggled for so many years.
      God Bless you and Reed for all you do!

  2. So true Linda! Without Jesus, where could we turn!? I pray this years’ Deer Island event will be specially blessed. So thankful for the many promises He gives of supplying and being more than enough!

  3. i found
    I found your blog online Reed. It was a pleasure to read. I would love to be part of the Mentor for the ladies. Every single day I have to recommite myself to being a follower of Jesus and that is the only way that i made it through a life of addictions and of a sinful life. I know that i don’t have all the answers, but if i am quiet enough i hope to hear the encouragement and love from my Lord and Saviour. And I am always looking for ways to experience Jesus’s Love. so if I could be of service in anyway.

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