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Plotting and Anticipating as Spiritual Discipline

A few weeks ago I was asked how I spent my days and, off the top of my head I said “I do a lot of two things: I spend a lot of time thinking and I spend a lot of time anticipating.” It is funny how often we can surprise ourselves when we speak off ‘the top of our head’. I wouldn’t have been surprised had I said “I have a lot of interesting conversations.” or “I drink a lot of coffee.” but ironically I had to think about what I meant by “thinking”.

I do spend a lot of time doing what I call ‘plotting’ this has become one of my chief means of spiritual exercise. I converse with God about plans and possibilities examining my motives and searching for ‘added Kingdom value’. In the end I try and lay my plottings on the altar but I must admit that at least occasionally I run with a plan only to be reminded that in God’s Kingdom there is room for only one King!

Besides plotting and planning I spend a lot of delicious time in anticipation. I often feel a little like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting in wonder for the day to reveal results. There is no sense in praying if we don’t anticipate. This anticipation has become the most fun in my days. After long hours of plotting comes the delightful and agonizing: hours, weeks, months or years of anticipation. I admit that the years can erode anticipation but the lurking hope like spring may lay dormant for a season but is all the more glorious for the wait.

In all my reading on Spiritual Disciplines I have never come across “plotting and anticipating” but for me they add a richness to life and so I recommend them to you.

The past week has been an interesting one. Linda and I attended a memorial for our friend Ron. It was nice to gather with his family and some friends to remember the unique character who blessed our lives for the past decade plus.

One of our Street Hope friends Marilyn, was the top fundraiser for the Pregnancy Resource Centre raising about $2,000. Over the last few years she has developed her special gift of fundraising, and though she has little financially she has been used to bless a number of worthy causes. We are very proud of her!

We had a great time feeding folks at our monthly ‘Out Flow’ dinner. Our friends from a local Starbucks were a tremendous help and a woman from St. Martins made rhubarb and biscuits for everyone! This seems to be a lighter and lighter venture each month.

Our garden is starting to grow and we are continuing to have great conversations. A group of feral cats have joined the curious. We are hoping that the old proverb about curiosity and cats will not be true in our case but we would like them to dig elsewhere. Our sign is up and evangelist-in-training Rob added a special solar powered light feature to them which has increased the buzz of conversation. Our garden plot (pun definitely intended) is bearing a good deal of conversational fruit and we are anticipating a rich temporal and spiritual harvest. Time to roll up my sleeves because without the work plots come to nothing!


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