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A Mulligan

I feel like stew! Rather than a unified theme today I think I’ll share a Mulligan (stew that is) and over a collection of random thoughts and occurrences over the last week.

May 16th was always a happy day for me, but that changed suddenly and it is generally a melancholy day for me. I used to awake on the 16th and say “Today is my little brother’s birthday!” But now I awake and recall that it is our son Jamie’s birthday. Jamie died over 30 years ago yet I don’t expect I’ll recover this side of Heaven

We began our garden project in earnest this week. It was getting awkward talking about a garden but having nothing to show for it! Not that there was not planning and preparation going on but there was little surface evidence. I suspect that our lives can be a bit like that and so I am going to try to be a bit more patient with people. Sometimes I say to myself that by this time “so and so” should be demonstrating clearer discipleship. James does tell us that we are to be doers of the word but perhaps folks, like our garden, need preparation and planning before actions sprout. I do know though that eventually we are to “bear fruit” but ultimately growth is the purview of God.

My friend Trent has been much on my mind. He is launching out in studies as an Evangelist-in-training with Threshold Ministries. This week he travelled from Saint John to the ‘Big Smoke’ of   Toronto. It is wonderful to see God’s call on this fellow and to see him stepping into this vocation at this time in his life. I heard that he led a great devotion on “Courage” and I think he is living it out this week. This is a great example of the ‘fruit’ God is growing with us at Street Hope.

S. has struggled terribly with addiction. She has had a few weeks of clarity and is making great strides toward health. She was an integral part of our meal preparation at the first of the month and has been an active member of our community lately. She told us she was tired of people saying how good she is looking, she suggested that instead we compliment her on looking average. She has recognized that grandiosity is a part of her struggle and invited us to help her in that. I have high hopes for S.

Another S. began to work helping a friend with drywall. This has not only helped him financially but boosted his self-esteem and helped him in better regulating his sleep patterns. For some this may seem a small thing but this has been a very meaningful time for him.

My pal Kris has been working hard (much harder than me) at our garden project. When he is not working with me he his raising a beautiful little guy, Kristian. Kristian has just started day care after the first few weeks Kris reports of Kristian, who has autism, that “It is like he is waking up!” What a beautiful picture.

These are a few of the many things that are happening at Street Hope. God is good. He gives us a Mulligan (a do over) and makes of our lives a Mulligan (the stew).



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  1. And then there’s D battling cancer with a whole lung removed this week, and J who moved from the burn unit to the psychiatric ward after a suicide attempt 2 weeks ago. Life is never boring in StreetHope. The garden in looking great and a neighbour even stopped to help cut up seed potatoes this am.

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