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Excarnate no more!

I want to say “Stop reading this and go be the Body!” Instead I will try and be brief so that you can close the screen and get involved in the world.

It seems ironic to write a blog advocating incarnational living. I am using the very medium that so often separates us from the real world. Michael Frost in his latest book “Incarnation’ spends the first section discussing the ‘excarnate’ nature of much of our life in the 21st century. We have more “friends” on Facebook than we have real friends. We communicate by looking down at our ‘screen’ rather than into the eyes of real people. The so-called ‘social media’ is truly anti-social. All this is the very antithesis of incarnational living.

I guess God could have used supernatural technology, writing a message of warning and hope in the skies in every language and tongue but he chose the method of incarnation. The world applauds and celebrates the inventors of social media while in a stable the Incarnation goes almost unnoticed. Incarnation is a humble means. It is a ‘human’ means. It is God’s preferred method. We may prefer short term mission or cherry picking forays of evangelism but “his ways are higher.”

We are called by him to be “the body of Christ” in this world. Simply put this means our vocation is to live in the world, not being of the world, but rather representing incarnationally our Lord.

This week I felt especially Christ-like as I advocated for our latest project. Both Jesus and I have been mistaken for a gardener. I know next to nothing about gardening and I bring this great wealth of ignorance to the project! My friends of Street Hope find my deficits amusing and endearing. I am really present with them as a real person with real assets and deficits. I can contribute and receive because of this real engagement. We laugh and groan, we sweat and sing all while serving a greater purpose.

I expect I’ll learn a lot and I hope my friends learn much but most of all I trust that as together we seek to be live incarnationally that the whole will be greater than the sum of our individual components.

So after you share this with your many Facebook ‘friends’ you can unplug and incarnate. So until next week ….


One comment on “Excarnate no more!

  1. Good message – I’m happy to say I’ve spent more time with people than with the computer this week.

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