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Pleasant Imperfect

I was in an unfamiliar spot. I was at a loss for words, when one of my Street Hope friends shared a problem he was having. He had excitedly been sharing his relatively new faith with a friend when the subject of the Trinity came up. His friend was puzzled by this notion and asked him. My friend related quite proudly that he had said “God is the Father, Jesus is his Son and the Holy Spirit is their cousin.” He relayed this with a sense of pride that he had grasped a difficult concept, and was witnessing so effectively.

My friend was pleased to be sharing the Good News with his friend and I did not want to crush this godly impulse. I did not want my friend to be like so many and leave this valuable ministry to the ‘professionals’. At the same time I was a bit mortified by the quality of his communication.

This set my mind on two tracks. First I made sure to commend my friend on his love for God and his friend. This illustrates a practical outworking of the two Great Commandments. God has got to be pleased by this, in fact Jesus says this is fulfilling of the whole Law. Secondly we began a discussion of a more scriptural view of the Trinity. My first attempt was a bit to theoretical for my friend. “I don’t understand this Three Persons and One God stuff. I think I’ll stick with the cousin stuff. It is easier to understand.” We went on to discover that he could not imagine the Trinity. I asked him if he had looked in a mirror that morning. He answered yes. I said who did you see? He saw himself. By ‘himself’ he meant his physical body. Earlier he had said ‘he’ couldn’t understand the Trinity. Was the ‘he’ his body? No it was his mind. He was also the winsome person who shared with his friend. Was this just his body or mind? No it was his God given personality. A light went on for him. It is not that I had explained the Trinity    or that he had total understanding but rather it was because his imagination had been opened to the concept.

Earlier I wrote that I was mortified. I was embarrassed by the ‘imperfect’ way my friend shared and then I realised that Jesus must have felt this way about his disciples and then I realised he must experience chagrin at my feeble and ‘imperfect’ ways of sharing. But I take heart that Jesus’ heart swells with pride when my friend and I excitedly share this great Good News.

We can leave the results for Him knowing that He will do “exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or imagine.” My task is to help the folks of Street Hope to imagine a King and Kingdom of God’s divine activity and then to watch Him work!


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