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Tales of an Inept Juggler


Physically, I would make a terrible juggler. I am hard pressed to think of someone less likely to succeed at something that requires that much dexterity. I am decidedly un-dexterous! I am constantly engaged in a kind of ministerial juggling and only occasionally ‘drop balls’.

I am winding up our ‘Swaddling’ campaign. I have so many people to thank for the success of this project. Many, many people are warm in their drafty rooms because of the extraordinary generosity of our Christian friends. The Good News of God’s love accompanied these blankets, as folks were reminded of God’s great gift. The Incarnate Christ shared our human existence in this cold and cruel world. The gift of temporary warmth is but a symbol that carries the message “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

This week a group of us cooked and served a meal to about 90 hungry people. We are getting good at making ‘Pasta Rustico’ which is a hardy pasta in tomato sauce chocked full of all sorts of vegetables. Due to some broken (frozen pipes) our kitchen only had a dribble of cold water and no hot which presented many challenges. We carried the meal over icy sidewalks. Everyone arrived safe! We had the opportunity again to incarnate the Good News. I learned a valuable personal lesson that I need not do as much. I need to step aside and let others carry the load. I don’t ‘over do’ because I am controlling but because I want to set a good example and I am discovering that in doing so I may not be setting the best example. My poor sore hands have not yet recovered! Some lessons in humility are hard ones!

I am also turning my thoughts toward our Street Hope Community Garden. I think we might call this “Growing Together”. We have been looking at some methods of creating a high yielding urban garden. I have been surprised by how much it is likely to cost to do this (most costs are first year infrastructure costs) and we are considering how best to proceed. I am looking forward to this garden. Last fall when we cleared the property one of the keen participants was my friend John. This work and the kibitzing we did was one of the best memories I have of him. Within a few month John had taken his life and I will always cherish the moments in the garden. In some ways this will be a living memorial to a man few in this world miss.

Now that holidays are over we will have to pick up on our Social enterprise initiative.

I am preparing to teach a class a Crandall university in a couple of weeks.

The juggling goes on, but I know that should I drop a ball “underneath are the everlasting arms”




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