Humility and Hat Size



There is an old song “It’s Hard to be Humble”, but I am finding it is not as difficult as it used to be. There is a tale of a rookie phenom pitcher who was issued his first major league uniform. His new Dodger hat fell down over his ears. “This hat is way too big!” he complained. His new manager, Leo Durocher replied “Keep it that way kid!”

This past week, which has been as we Canadians would say “A bit cool.”  I have received a lot of thanks from folks who had received electric blankets and I have been showered with compliments on this idea. I can acknowledge these expressions and keep the same hat size because I am aware of the number of colossal failures which precede any success I enjoy! I find that imaginative prayer followed by trial and error are means of inspiration. I may throw a host of things against the wall before something sticks. It is never genius but rather perseverance.

I used to do a ‘stand up’ routine based on my fictitious Uncle Floyd the inventor. Uncle Floyd was a genius but was not noted for his perseverance. Some of his inventions include a lemon-lime soft drink ‘6 Up’. He invented a lubricant ‘W-D 39’ and an all-purpose cleaner ‘Formula 400’. You get the idea. He would stop just short of success. The geniuses are those who fail many times but succeed once. Even a broken clock will be right twice a day! There isn’t room for much pride in that.

If these thoughts were not enough to keep my hat fitting, the vicissitudes of ministry will do the trick. Last week was one of the most frustrating times at our Up Town Church! The last number of months there have been some spectacular ‘fall outs’ between several of our folks. Where I have often described Up Town as the coolest church in the world, lately it has been more toxic than cool. This is driving me to my knees!  Though this is neither fun nor comfortable it is real! Reality is that it is not about me but all about God. Please join us in praying for God’s way ahead for us.



3 comments on “Humility and Hat Size

  1. I vouch for the fact that Reed’s hat size hasn’t changed. It’s humbling to be thanked by folks for the privilege of serving others. God is soooo good. UpTown is good too but it sure can be frustrating when people can’t get along at a church service, people who profess to be believers. Please pray that we’ll discern God’s will in this.

  2. I need to do more throwing at the wall. You are so far ahead in serving – the Lord is smiling and hovering over you Reid. I appreciate your sharing. In Christ’s love Morris

  3. I do understand your frustration and I have seen some of the games you wrote about going on at Uptown Church. So like any other community how do you bring healing into play? we must start on common grounds that everyone is looking for a solution to their only problems. Has a Christian with a colorful past it was so important to discover that spiritual principles would solve all my problems which has brought me into away of living that is more satisfying which has given me freedom. It goes back to that song I like they will know are Christian by ???? So maybe it is time to look at what we can do to invite people work together, I will keep in my prayers – your Pal

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