Swaddling 21st Century Style

At Street Hope, we already have several projects on the go. We are working at organizing a “Social Enterprise’ which will give second chance employment to our friends with pasts they wish to leave behind. There is a very successful enterprise in Nova Scotia we are meeting with to bring this about. This involves meeting with government and other agencies. It is not the usual pool I swim in but I am learning while at all times keeping my eye on the prize that is set before us. On other occasions I have written about our monthly outreach meal as well as the beginnings of “Mending the Network” which is designed wit5hn the idea of tightening the Christian network so that those who really want to see change in their lives will no longer slip through the cracks.

In addition to these new projects we continue with our Bible Study and Prayer and our usual activities, which include Christmas Morning Breakfast. Over the past four years we have hosted a festive Christmas Breakfast for those who have nowhere else to be on Christmas morning. We have given out gift packages which include candy and a $10 gift certificate. This year we have felt led to ramp up our giving.

Many of our guests come from rooming houses. Heat and lights are included but too often someone else controls the thermostat and rooms can be very cold! Luke 2 tells us that the homeless Christ child was wrapped in strips of cloth to keep him warm. We believe we can do better than that for our guests. We want to swaddle our guests 21st Century style. We are planning to give electric blankets! WE believe that we can do this for $45 for each guest. We usually have 100 people so this means we will have to raise an additional $4,500.00.

We believe that people will be excited by this mission opportunity right in our own ‘backyard’. I remember a few years ago when Up Town and the folks of Taylor College bought a Water Buffalo for an Asian family and I believe that spirit of giving will help us accomplish our goal.

If you would like to sponsor one or more blanket you can do so by making a cheque out to “Street Hope Saint John” marking “Blankets” in the memo spot. Cheques can be sent to us through “Threshold Ministries 105 Mountain View Dr. Saint John NB E2J 5B7

I usually do not use this space for advertising but I believe this is a cool opportunity to bring warmth into someone’s life this Christmas. We will be swaddling 21st Century style!


2 comments on “Swaddling 21st Century Style

  1. Count me in. Reed are you sure that postal code is right. I looked up Thresholds PC as E2J 5B5. Is the other PC set up specially for Street Hope?

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