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Come on, Shania

As I have continued to ponder ‘transformation’, I am becoming keenly aware I am very much unlike Shania! She sings “that don’t impress me much” but I am decidedly impressionable! Rocket scientist do impress me, as do many many others, both good and bad.
It seems apparent to me that humankind is created ‘impressionable’. As a child I was imprinted by my parents and family. Scripture aptly uses a ‘clay’ metaphor in describing us and our relationship to God. We are created to mirror the very image of the ‘potter’ our God. This most basic understanding of our nature explains our natural intrinsic ‘impressionable’ -ness. In creation we are designed to mirror God in much the way the moon mirrors the sun.
It is through this very quality of impressionability that we are led away into all sorts of wrong headed and self-centred patterns. It is from these very patterns we seek transformation. As ‘clay’ we have limited options to transform ourselves. Transformation requires a passive, yielding, posture but much more it requires a power outside ourselves. This outside power can be unhealthy and unhelpful or it can be positive restoring us to health and relationship.
Our sole choice as clay is to be yielded to the hands of the potter. Positively this means a recognition of our relative positions as clay and potter and negatively it means no longer yielding to the ‘world’ which would squeeze us into its mold.
I have a good friend who has repeatedly found himself on the wrong side of the law. He is a wonderful caring person who really does love Jesus but he also loves the world. When he is on parole he always does really well. This is because during parole he has what is called “an association clause” which means he cannot associate with his many old friends. Soon after he is off parole he returns to his friends and inevitably finds himself in trouble. In years past miners used to take canaries into the mines with them. The canaries being more sensitive to the environment died when the air was bad and thus warned the miner. My friend is like that canary. His sad history illustrates to me the truth that we are ‘impressed’ by our associations. Our association with a ‘squeezing’ world prevents and hinders transformation. The Good News in all this is that association with God will impress and transform us! This does not mean that I need to hide away reading my Bible and praying all day but I do need to read my Bible and pray and then live my life in yielded-ness to God. When I do this I will naturally mirror him. When I associate with Him in activity, serving Him, I will become like Him. Philipians 2 tells us that Jesus did not sit idly at His father’s right hand but took action, becoming a servant. We best mirror Jesus as we join Him in service. Idle Christianity is idol christianity.


One comment on “Come on, Shania

  1. I guest I am more like Shania because not much impresses me, What does impresses me is hope, faith and love, because what I have experience is that smart people do smart things and not so smart people do not so smart things, and yes smart people do some not so smart things with some not so smart people doing smart things. So what people are doing doesn’t impress me much. But to be honest what impresses me is one person is being kind to other person just because it is the right thing to do.
    Your friend sounds like a lot of us who put a date or a place or a person as the goal and when we get there we think that is it. But when we put Philippians 3:20 (Citizenship) into action in our lives real change comes about, we began to live (love the Lord your God) Matthew 22:37-39 and then we begin to understand and see in us the new command John 13:34-35.
    That is one reason I don’t say I am a Christian, I say I am working on becoming Christ like because even the devil believes in Jesus. So what impresses me the most is God which all good things come from.

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