Ripples Through Eternity

We had a sort of memorial for our friend Ron this week. There won’t be a funeral because Ron donated his body to science. We always joked about how fascinated science would be with this unique physique . I first met Ron about 11 years ago. We didn’t know it at the time but we starting the adventure that would be Up Town Church and Street Hope. We started with a simple “Healing Clinic” we just bravely hung out our ‘shingle’ inviting people to come for healing prayer. Ron was one of the first to venture in to our clinic. He was in bad shape! He desperately needed a new kidney. We prayed and Ron left. When I didn’t see him for a few weeks I began to wonder where he had disappeared to. I guess my faith was weak because within a week of our prayer Ron was in Halifax receiving his new kidney. He became for us a symbol of God’s presence with us. This sense carries us through many disappointments and failures.
Ron was one of the first folks to go with us to Deer Island. He loved going there with us. He got quite angry with me when, this last year, I told him that because of his recent health issues we couldn’t take him. He tried to persuade me that he could persuade his care giver to come with him. Ron could get angry and he did so with me quite a few times but as quickly as he lost his temper, he forgave if not forgot.
Ron had attended a one room school, in a previous millennium, with my bride. It reminded us that the world is indeed a small one. Ron hosted a Christmas party every year in his little government subsidized apartment. For Ron’s friends this was a ‘command performance’. Whoever arrived first (usually me) had the honour of picking up the chicken and pizza. Ron would regale us with his endless supply of puns. He had gifts for everyone which he had purchased at the dollar store. There was always a story of why the particular trinket was picked for a particular individual.
Though he was a blind diabetic with three kidneys only one of which functioned, he generally approached life with humour. He was a firm believer in the Saviour who died for him. He relished the idea that he was going to beat the undertaker out of a fee by donating his body to science. As I looked into this with him we found that to be sure your body would be received by science you had to die during the academic year and not on a long weekend or Christmas Holidays. Ron just managed to make the academic year! I’m sure he is smiling now, maybe with a new set of heavenly teeth.
He never got to see his beloved Leafs host the Cup again but he did get to see them in the playoffs and that is probably as close as anyone else is likely to get.
Ron does not leave behind a great earthly legacy but his effect on us and Up Town will, I believe, ripple through eternity.


4 comments on “Ripples Through Eternity

  1. Beautiful memories! We’ll miss Ron.

  2. Love that you got a Leafs dig in there. Sad to hear that my ‘brother’ is gone, but glad his suffering is over.

  3. …… and for me there was the Christmas move in the snowstorm and the very special reading of Genesis at Up Town that I will never forget.
    many your soul rest in peace Ron.

  4. Thank you for this, and all, your words and stories of encouragement and blessing.

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