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We Are Blessed

Monday arrived. This was going to be our greatest team effort to date. Linda and I had been shopping for the past few days assembling ingredients for “Pizza Casserole” for 120 + all was in readiness. 9 of us gathered around the table where we started with a study of a portion from the Gospel of Mark. We have been looking at Mark for the last nine month and were near the end. We then had our time of prayer. My plan was that we should do this quite briefly and get on to the business of the day but the folks gathered and the Spirit had different ideas. We had a protracted time of intercession on a wide variety of topics. Only then did we get to work on the meal for that night. Praise music filled the air as we chopped onions, peeled mushrooms, opened cans of sauce, cut up sausage, and prepped strawberries. The room was abuzz with conversation and gales of laughter. We easily met my deadline of having everything cooking by noon. After some wrestling with breakers on the electrical system and using a wide variety of outlets we had it all cooking away. We prayed and departed with plans to regather that afternoon for final preparations and delivery of food to the South End Vineyard Church where our guests would gather. We lost a few members at the stage but gained more. We served over 120 people many of whom had seconds and thirds. Even more people pitched in on the clean up and we were done that part in no time. I had the opportunity to pray with a few of our guests and it was a good night. We learned some lessons which will help us in future; one f which is “Reed really needs to eat before we do this stuff or he gets cranky!” This lesson was agreed to by the whole team. Next time we plan for our whole team to break bread and pray together before we journey south with our banquet.

We would value pray for this monthly outreach. We would also be very pleased with any material or monetary support.

The second big event of the week was our 32nd wedding anniversary. God has been good to us. He has been with us through: the death of a child, the loss of babies, the raising of two wonderful children, living pay check to pay check for many years, moving from downtown Toronto, to reservations, to the prairies, to Saint John, the horrific temper I had in early days to the horrible burn out I experienced last year, through falls and near death experiences and loss of jobs! Through it all; the good and the bad we have had God and each other.

I was wondering how we would mark this anniversary, when I was offered tickets to a preview showing of the movie “The Butler” so I planned to take Linda to dinner and then the movie. Just hours before we were to go a friend gave Linda a gift card for a restaurant so we had a great evening without worry about how we would pay for it! We highly recommend “The Butler” it is a fine movie that explores American race relations through the decades.

We are blessed.


One comment on “We Are Blessed

  1. Happy Anniversary to a couple who are a true inspiration!

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