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Set Backs Are Like Peanuts

A few weeks ago I wrote about experiencing a season of falls and slips. When I am wracked with the sadness of witnessing good starts slip and the resulting carnage I get thirsty! I get thirsty for the Kingdom to come in all its fullness. I thirst for Jesus to come and “put it right”. In hungering and thirsting for the Righteous Kingdom, I place myself in the best of all spots for God promises that those who do “will be filled”. One of the words from the cross was “I thirst” and I find myself repeating this phrase as I ponder the cruelty of this present age. I find great consolation in the fact that we experience sadness quite differently from those who have no hope. We can look to a King who promises he will make it right. We work for a Kingdom that is and is coming as surely as God’s promises. We have a hope that “does not disappoint.”

I am grateful though that it is not all disappointment, I was happily reminded this week. I have been meeting with S. several times a week for the past year. Probably because I see him so often I do not notice the great change that is happening in his life. The other day he reminded me as he prayed thanking God for all that has happened in his life. When we first met S. was so riddled with anxieties. He self medicated and was in quite a low state. He stuttered and mumbled and very few people had the patience to spend time with him. A year later he hardly stutters at all. He does not suffer the same anxiety attacks. He communicates regularly with his family and he has discovered he has a passion for intercession. He particularly loves to pray for people to be healed. I had been so intent on helping him make the next step that I hadn’t appreciated the giant steps he had already taken.

As I discussed this revelation with the others (including S.) at the table, folks began to share how those in the wider community had taken notice and are curious about such change. S. is a sign of the Kingdom. God’s Kingdom here and now and God’s Kingdom coming more and more.

Slips and setbacks are like peanuts creating a thirst for the Righteous Kingdom that we know is inevitably breaking in. I encourage us all to get thirsty and thirstier, knowing the satisfaction that lies in the future.


One comment on “Set Backs Are Like Peanuts

  1. Amen! and Amen.

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