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Gratefulness & Greatness

“Water rests only when it gets to the lowest place. So do men. Hence be lowly” writes Henry Drummond. This is sage advice. Jesus came meekly to the world He created. He emptied himself and obediently took up the cross. His call on my life is to follow him. He says that if I want to be great I must become servant of all. He bids me to follow him in this descent into greatness.

It was my hearts desire to do great things for the Lord I love but lately I am learning (thank you Mother Theresa) that instead of great things God calls me to do the littlest things with great love! The former is activity motivated by my exaggerated sense of grandiosity and the latter flows from a grateful heart. I am grateful that God in his mercy loves me and forgives and saves me in the middle of my littleness. I think I would rather be grateful than great! In gratefulness comes a contentment to be who I am, no more and no less and to offer myself to his service. This is the simple key to Christ-likeness.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve among those who do not count for much in the Kingdom of this World but are prized highly in the Kingdom of our God. It is through this opportunity to serve that I may find my contentment. In a very real way I am selfish in my service because it is in serving that I benefit. Service in the Kingdom then becomes self service and selfishness is a disservice both to God and his Kingdom but also a disservice to me.

I remember being hauled into ‘church processions’ where folks line up before entering the sanctuary for worship. The folks line up in a kind of reverse order with the bishop or archbishop taking the last spot and the ranks descending from there until the servers led the procession. I remember seeing people elbowing their way in to be furthest back (highest in rank and seniority) and thinking what a travesty we were making of the “first shall be last and the last first”. I have come to see that for all the wrong reasons we had it right. Those who serve (the severs in our parade) are the greatest.

It looks like the Street Hope community may have an opportunity monthly to prepare and serve a meal for 100+ through Out Flow ministry in partnership with a church from St. Martin’s NB. Serving another ministry in partnership with others is exactly the kind of opportunity we are seeking! We pray we, as a community will have the opprtunity to descend into Kingdom greatness. Such thoughts fill our hearts with gratitude!





One comment on “Gratefulness & Greatness

  1. Thanks again Reed, for the encouragement to keep true perspective in my daily walk!

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