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Following an Untamed Saviour

We’ve been on a journey lately. First we were on our way   at our Threshold gathering. Then we were on to my mother’s 90th birthday celebration. I came to realize that we have received an enormous amount of hospitality along the way  and had a number of adventures. Some adventures were very pleasant occasions and others were less so. We have been lost and on the edge of unknowing. We have been surprised and enlightened. We have met disappointment and joy (and Joy). I began to wonder why I don’t go on journeys more often. They lead me out of my comfort zone into a delightful ad frightening liminal space, literally a threshold. I only enter these spaces if I am journeying.

I am too invested, sometimes, in the status quo. The church is very much ike that. We prefer the familiar in spite of the fact that God is calling us into a future filled with hope. When we do not journey toward that future we avoid all the uncomfortable ‘unknowing’ and lost-ness but we rob ourselves, and those whom we influence, of the surprise and enlightenment. Many of us look forward to our vacation journey. We find refreshing the very thing we work so hard to avoid. In moving out of the status quo and taking a trip (even the word trip suggests the possibility of a fall) we find adventure and in our restless journey we find rest.

I suspect that a restless journey following God into uncomfortable situations may be lead to the place of rest! Jesus calls us to ‘follow’ Him and that certainly calls us to a journey. In doing so He promises we will find rest for our souls. How can I follow Him and eschew the journey? How can I follow Him and cling to the familiar? How I can find comfort in my familiar life and ignore the wild Messiah who offers me the Comforter.

Saints throughout the ages have expressed this Christian life as a journey. People from Anthony to Bunyon call us into this very trip. I wonder at my slowness and I am grateful for His patience! I am glad to have a physical adventure as a sacrament pointing me toward the real adventure, the spiritual adventure of following an untamed Saviour.


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