Home Sickness

. Each year like a migrating bird I long for home. As the date drew nearer for our Threshold National Gathering the longing in me grew. I wanted to get “home” to my family, this odd group of Threshold Evangelists from across the country. This is the group where I find understanding and unconditional support. We laugh and cry and eat and learn together. It is utterly refreshing!

Oddly enough while here at the Gathering I felt a bout of home sickness for my family back in New Brunswick. Linda and I are enjoying our time away but we left our son and daughter-in-law in poor health and we wish we could be with them. Our daughter and son-in-law are sharing in ministry for the first time this week. They are rightly excited about this and we wish we could be there to experience this time. Our Street Hope Community, we know, is missing us and we wish we could be with them. The Pregnancy Centre is holding its Walk For Life and Linda especially wishes she could be there.We are home sick for Saint John!

Yesterday was the anniversary of the birth of our first son, Jamie and I felt a terrible homesickness. I long to see him and be with him. As I went through the gamut of those emotions I thought about others who have “gone before’: my dad, Al Knight, Capt. T. (the list goes on and on) and I ached for Heaven!

I realized anew that I am not at home here and that I will be restless until I find my rest in Him. This homesickness is built into each of us. It is part of being made in God’s image that we are made for eternity with Him.While I feel (sometimes very keenly) this homesickness I realize that it is a universal feeling. In light of this thought the idea of “people being lost” makes more sense to me. I have sometimes been uncomfortable with that phrase but now I see its truth . We all long for that home! (I probably still will not use the phrase very often.)

I am glad that there is an end to my journey. In the short-term I will return to Saint John. I will see our kids and share in their joys and sufferings. I will be re-united with my friends of Street Hope and do the same with them. I will see Jamie and Dad and others one day. In the meantime I can imagine and I can hope and anticipate! These activities may be somewhat bitter-sweet but they add savour to my life.

This , admittedly melancholy feeling of homesickness gives me fresh motivation to share the hope that our homesick and weary hearts can find a home through relationship with Jesus. He has gone to prepare a place for us. I hope to see you there!


3 comments on “Home Sickness

  1. Well put, Reed. I value your writing. Come Lord Jesus.

    Ed Hird+

  2. Home is where the heart is.Thanks Reed

  3. Amen! What a gathering that will be!

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