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Open Eyes

I have this great picture of Jesus entry into Jerusalem. I see Bartimaeus spotting him coming down the road. The boy who had been delivered from deafness and muteness is shouting out “Here He comes!” Zaccheus is up a tree cutting down palm branches and handing them to the man with the formerly withered hand. The man who had the legion of demons is clothed and tears off his cloak to lay it before Him. The crowd some of whom had helped unwrap Lazarus are also unwrapping their cloaks and strewing them before Jesus. How glorious it must have been to be eye witnesses of the power of Jesus!

I was thinking just this way the other day when it struck me (or better said the Holy Spirit struck me) “You are seeing such power!”

I have not been a very good witness lately. I have seen miracles and been much too silent. I am determined to rectify this error. Part of this was to write to the leaders of Stone Church where I do much ministry and tell them and now I want to take this occasion to tell you.

Over the last months we have seen miraculous deliverance and transformation for three women. All three were heavily addicted to ‘crack cocaine’. For those who know this is a powerful and awful drug from the very pit of hell. It steals kills and destroys life and to break free is extremely difficult.

M. discovered Jesus and has been clean for over a year now. She is working now and taking courses for future employment. Her chaotic life has settled into a healthy pattern. Her smile which had disappeared has returned and she longs to give back.

I met L. this summer as I was working with the father of her children. He was putting together a list of things he had to do and one of the items was “Bury L.” She looked that bad that death seemed imminent and inevitable. Today she is healthy and reunited with her children. She has been clean for months. Early in our acquaintance she came to Stone Church and one of the members there prayed with her and there has been no turning back.

H. has been clean for a shorter time (a little over a month) but the transformation has been startling! She loves to pray and meditate. She has discovered creative talents and has begun her own little jewelry business.

These women are being saved from ruined lives; lives that were in ruins physically, mentally, relationally and spiritually. All three are, as I wrote last week, signs of Jonah (signs of the Kingdom).

I am so glad to have the partnership of stone church and especially their Community and Family Minister Catherine Bonham. All three of these ‘miracle women’ would give enormous credit to Catherine’s support for the transformation in their lives.

The breakfasts and the drop ins are being used of God! I pray God will give us eyes to see Him at work more and more in our midst.

We are praying for God’s provision for a part time Women’s Worker with Street Hope Saint John. Would you join us?




One comment on “Open Eyes

  1. Praise God! Thanks for sharing the good news about the resurrection power availalble to those of us who surrender our lives to Jesus. It is important to do that. We need to hear these stories. As you know I too have been redeemed from a life of addiction and I rejoice that people are finding life abundant and everlasting through the ministry of StreetHope and Stone Church. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful “hothouse” environment of compassion and prayer in which to love and nurture these women and others like them. God bless!

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