Journeying Together

Life is a journey. Sometimes it is a very arduous journey and filled with sorrow. Sunday night we chatted about a couple of people on just such a journey. Cleopas and his unnamed associate (Mrs. Cleopas?) were trudging home in bewilderment, grief and disappointment when unbeknownst to them Jesus was walking with them. In his compassion he asked why they we so down cast and then listened as they poured out their hearts. He admonished them not to be so silly. They were not seeing the whole picture. He began to share with them that recent events need to be seen in the context of God’s great story and so he began with Genesis and shared how the ‘sad’ events of the past days fit into the good news of God’s plan of salvation.

As we reflected on the story we saw that it very much reflects our life together. We are on a journey and that journey can often be filled with sadness and pain. We all too often trudge along oblivious to Jesus’ presence with us but he so longs to walk that sad walk with us and to help us to see things from his perspective.

My father used to say, “It’s a rough life …. but its short!” We do walk through the valley. If we are really heeding him we are taking up our cross. This is uncomfortable stuff! It is also very real and Jesus wants to walk that walk with us sharing in our suffering. Yet though we are walking through something we are just as surely walking to something. God has the big picture in view while our downcast eyes do not see past our next step let alone recognize his presence.

It is time to pay attention to Jesus advice “Don’t be silly!” If we are not alone, let us stop walking as if we were alone. If Jesus is with us, let’s share our suffering. If we are on a journey, let’s be aware that it is to something (and a great something at that). The way may be tough but our Lord is tougher. He is after all as tough as nails. One of my Street Hope friends often reminds me “If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.”

As a community of admittedly broken people we know life is hard and we know that Jesus is in our midst. On this journey together we are making progress (perhaps glacial progress at times) and one day we will arrive at that place where the broken are made whole by the one who will be known by his scars.


4 comments on “Journeying Together

  1. Good one Reed!

    I like the word ‘unbeknownst’!!!

  2. Some very good thoughts Reed! I think we need to be fully aware of the endurance such a journey requires. For it is along the way that suffering leads to a hope that does not disappoint!(Rom5:5) But first our enduring faith must do its work of building the character of Christ within us.
    I believe too that ‘one day we will arrive’ and will culminate that hope. That day will gloriously focus on finally seeing Him face to face and so finish completely the process we have embarked on now, that of being transformed into His likeness.

  3. Amen! Well said.

  4. Thank you for reminding us that we are walking ‘to’ and ‘with’ someone and I can totally identify with the ‘glacial speed’! God bless. Gillian and Ken

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