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Honey, I shrunk the dragon!


This week I was reminded again of the wonderfully transforming power of God. This is no longer an unusual occurrence, for from my vantage I get to see him work powerfully in the lives of my friends in the Street Hope community. This time though I had opportunity to marvel at his work in my own life.

One of my friends was sharing with me the news that someone had misunderstood my motives and was accusing me, quite unfairly, and publicly maligning me. He began, thinking he was defending me, to speak badly about my critic. I stopped him and shared with him the wonderful things that she has done in the community and that I didn’t want to join those who would gossip. He then said that “I was a cool customer.”  and , “ Did I ever lose my temper?”. I nearly fell on the floor laughing!

I had been an angry man for much of my life, so much so that when I knew God wanted to change this in me, I was afraid. I didn’t know who I would be if I wasn’t angry. I didn’t know the answer to that question but I finally, and slowly, decided it would be for the better.

Life is better! And I know that it can be better for my friends and readers. We each have our own ‘dragons’ which must be slain (or shrunk). We can spend our time awaiting a St. George from without or we can realize “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Below is a poem which tries to express this very thing. I would enjoy your feedback.


A dragon came a knocking, a knock knock knocking at my door.

“Come out and fight!”

“Another night?”

“No now!”

“Another knight?”

“No you!”

Where is St. George when you need him?


A dragon came snarling, howling, threatening, to my door.

“Come out! Let’s meet!”

“Another night?”

“No now!”

“Another knight?”

“No you!”

Where is St. George when you need him?


A dragon came billing cooing sweet seducing.

“Come let’s embrace!”

I stepped into the night.

Not feeling like a knight

Where is St. George when you need him?


A dragon comes a tapping a tap tap tapping at my door.

“Come out and play.” he is heard to say.

He shrinks each night

Shriveled by a knight.

There’s no need for St. George, after all!




One comment on “Honey, I shrunk the dragon!

  1. Just love your blog. Look forward to it each Friday. Always challenged, inspired and thankful for the work you are doing hands on but in sharing with so many in the wider community. Nourishment for the soul!
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your obedience to our Lord. You certainly let your light shine as does Linda a great team.

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