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The Blessing of Brokeness

Sometimes I am accused of day-dreaming but I prefer to think of it as intellectual multitasking. While I am doing one thing I am thinking (often scheming) about something else. I did this while filling a coffee cup at the chapel the other day, when one of the guys yelled at me and brought me back to the task at hand. The cup was full and overflowing all over the table! The cup could only hold so much and no more.  In cups this is a virtue. No one really wants a bottomless cup! A broken cup with no bottom could have the whole ocean poured into it and never be full. What is a defect in a cup is a virtue in human relationship with our God.

It is exactly because we are broken that God can bless us beyond measure. In our brokenness we recognize our immeasurable need for God and because of our recognized brokenness the infinite God can come to us and meet our deepest need.

In Luke 14:16 -24 Jesus tells the story of a certain man who put on a great banquet and invited all of his friends and neighbours. The friends and neighbours had a variety of excuses and so did not attend. The man sent his servant to go into the highways and byways and gather the broken to come to his feast. The clear teaching is that an awareness of brokenness is a key to opening oneself to the blessing (the feast). Complacent ignorance of our need leaves us outside the banquet hall where we are nibbling on crumbs oblivious to the sumptuous feast just inside.

The folks I meet every day have heard the invitation to the feast. In their brokenness they know all too well the enormity of their need. Their God could never be accused of being too small: for their issues are too large for the God who can be contained in a stained glass aquarium. Their God pours himself out on the broken lives and his love is never exhausted!

It is through these friends that I have seen the blessing of brokenness. More than seen it I have experienced it. The Good News is not that God will fill out coffee cups with himself, but that He longs to pour out Himself ceaselessly, into our lives and through our brokenness to keep pouring into our communities. “… a well of water springing up into eternal life´(John 4:14)

The church where “I’m okay and you’re okay” will never really know the blessing of brokenness.


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