Welcome to my laboratory

This is time of year we see all the scary movies both in theatres and on TV. They make them much scarier now but I remember one from my childhood the actor in his best Transylvanian accent says “Welcome to my laboratory.” You knew that nothing good was going to follow.

At Street Hope/Up Town (the two are really one though Up Town has a longer history) we welcome people to our laboratory! Our community is very much a laboratory of Christian spirituality. We are not at all sure about what the final results will be but we are committed to a process – albeit a messy process of sharing our lives with one another and seeking together to serve the King and see his Kingdom come more and more in our midst and the wider community.

At our Study & Prayer Times we always have the most interesting unscripted conversations. These conversations often include the heart felt needs of our community but sometimes they veer into how we can better serve others. I mentioned that I had access to Threshold Ministries’ “Rocket Man”. Rocket Man is essentially a back pack which holds approximately 3 American gallons of hot or cold liquid.

Some of the guys who have a real hearts for the homeless (having some personal experience) got really excited and asked if when it turns cold could we go out on evenings when the Romero house bus does not. I said I thought that seemed like a great idea! It is already starting to get cold so I’ll have to get started on this. But it was already heartwarming just to see the enthusiasm of these guys. Early in our walk together they have been transformed before my eyes from recipients of ministry only to keen providers of ministry. Our little laboratory has these guys bubbling over and for the most part my role is catalytic, though I see filling and lugging Rocket Man in my near future, as well. We will either fill it with coffee or I’ll get some hot chocolate mix from the bulk store and then we will hit the streets.

When we first started to meet together for study and prayer we worked hard at laying down any agenda we might have and to come as a blank slate asking God to write his desires for us. I never envisioned the Breakfast Drop In or Rocket Man as his plan. It is all unexpected and wonderful to me.

Welcome to our laboratory!



2 comments on “Welcome to my laboratory

  1. What a great idea! Thanks, Reed!

  2. Awesome! I hear the lyrics of the song “Monster Mash” going through my head after reading about the labratory of God – only his lab goes the other way. He takes monsters – and I was one of them – and gives them life, redeeming them and making them whole! God bless StreetHope SJ/Uptown!

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